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BEYOND - Memoirs In A Time Lapse on Vimeo

‘Beyond’ presents poetry in colorful motion and music. In 3 distinct movements, its enchanting tour of Beno's audiovisual craftsmanship lifts you from the electrifying…

Monty, Feb 20, 2015
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      Wonderful video! I dislike Dubai for the megalomania
      of its officials, but nonetheless, it does have some
      nice places! And the part when the fog entered the town,
      that was simply awesome.
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    • Monty
      @kipate Yeah, I also loved the shot of the burj al arab hotel "sailing" over the clouds.
    • kipate
      @Monty Yes, maybe this way people feel noble or sublime, when they are in their
      skyscrapers sailing over the fog while the small people drowned in the fog...
      :LOL: so much philosophy and psychology right before the weekend o_O
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    Videos / Time-Lapse Videos
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    Feb 20, 2015
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