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Decaios port

Port in south west of Decaios. The antique city on the left.

Decaios port
Clemech4, Oct 2, 2016
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      I like the marina and the passenger port, it looks quite realistic. I just would add another barrier to avoid flood waves entering the area. But I guess you already had that in mind :)

      Not sure about the container port, though. I think for a more realistic scenery, there should be more container storing areas around.

      I would recommend aitortilla01's Harbour Pack 3 and its cranes. Of course, it may depend on the planned size for the city.

      The rest of the image looks stunning, I really got a liking to that highway bridge throughout the woods, good job.
      Maybe you find the time to make a GIF from the cars driving on that bridge?
    • Clemech4
      Thank you for the feedback. The city is in the Mediterranean sea, the flood is not very hard xD but i could add a barrier in front of the marina. For the port i mainly got inspiration from Thessaloniki, but smaller. I'm quite satisfied of the result, and there is enough room for the containers on the docks, no? :p
      For the cars, i think there is a mod to avoid "black box", i should download it one day :)
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    • kipate
      @Clemech4 yeah, indeed, the flood is not too high in the Mediterranean Sea, but it is existing:

      Also, those container ships can have several thousands of containers, some can face about 15,000 containers. And they need quite deep water, some need 16.0 metres when fully loaded.

      Compared to that, the feeding ships (the small container ships) only need 9.6 metres when fully loaded, and they can load mostly up to 1,500 containers.

      Of course, most ships do never unload every container within only one harbour, but it would be quite inefficient to have such a mega ship unloading only a hundred containers and then moving to the next harbour.

      Maybetry out the cranes mod that I recently uploaded, they were made by spacky:
      Buildings - Tunnel and Crane Mod

      Well, it is a game after all, true that :p

      Here is the XL version to avoid the black boxes:
      Changes - No More Box Cars
    • Clemech4
      I actually put the biggest ship just because the dock is pretty high, but you're right, the city doesn't need all of these containers, i didn't know all the things about the containers ship xD
      Thank you for the links ;)
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    • kipate
      Indeed, the island's base is situated probably about 15-20 metres above sea level, that makes it hard to create transitions between harbour areas and the city itself.

      Well, maybe you find a good explanation why the city could need all these containers :p

      And you don't have to know all that. I looked it up myself due to my will to make it as realistic as possible. The idol port for my city is the Port of Ancona, maybe have a look at the statistics:

      Nonetheless, great work (y)
    • Clemech4
      @kipate Thank you ;) Aaah yeah your city has a bit of Ancona, well done
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