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Portugal Hyperlapse/Timelapse (Lisbon & Sesimbra) on Vimeo

Timelapse & Edit by Kirill Neiezhmakov Music: Morcheeba - World Looking?

Miguel, Nov 22, 2014
luis diogo and Möebius like this.
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      Very nice, this new media section is great, that's improve the web quality one step beyond... :)
      Miguel and Monty like this.
    • Rating:
      Excellent video, and beautiful city!
      Miguel likes this.
    • Monty
      @Möebius Indeed. And I think these videos will inspire players to build more realistic and unique cities!
      Möebius and Miguel like this.
    • Rating:
      luis diogo
      I kind'a fell i know this city from somewhere :cool:
      Nice video LM. Lisbon is really a great city to visit or to live. Overall this video catches the essence of the city.
      Miguel likes this.
    • Möebius
      Oh yeah Monty, do not hesitate that watch this kind of images is a source for inspiration, sure.
      I like the evolution of the video timelapse technique, what a difference from those early films of lapse time and slow and fast camera, like Koyaanisqatsi in the 80s,
      Miguel likes this.
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    Videos / Time-Lapse Videos
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    Nov 22, 2014
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