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Radiant Dawn

Simcity 6 Trailer [E3] [HD] - YouTube

Is this really gonna be the next Sim City? If so, it looks fuckin awesome.

Radiant Dawn, Feb 4, 2015
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    • metrocity345
      I've seen this before. That's just a 3D simulation for business professionals. This is not an upcoming city building game though. I don't think EA will create a city building game like that. EA will always create kids' games with a cartoonish feel to it.
    • Monty
      This is a reel from ENODO, a french company that specializes in architectural visualization and stuff like that. Their games division was/is? (They don't even know) working on a city building game, The Architect.
    • Rating:
      I love this video ! :drool:

      But, that's no a game: :dmc9a:
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    Videos / Time-Lapse Videos
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    Radiant Dawn
    Feb 4, 2015
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