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This is Shanghai by Rob Whitworth

In 1980 Shanghai had no skyscrapers. It now has at least 4,000, more than twice as many as New York. This is Shanghai explores the diversities and eccentricities.

Monty, Nov 23, 2014
XOUSTE, moran, kipate and 1 other person like this.
    • kipate
      It appears strange seeing all the high rises and sometimes
      also skyscrapers being placed next to the small houses.
      Sometimes I wish for some more homogeneous kind
      of building, you could avoid at least partially having to build
      all the 100m+ buildings looking cheap and ruining the skyline
      by sticking to zones of up to 10 storeys...
      Similar you find in other Asian Cities like Tokyo...
    • Rating:
      hahaha,maybe you can make some MOD about Shanghai!
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    Videos / Time-Lapse Videos
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    Nov 23, 2014
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