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CJ Ōkina kawa

modern asian city

  1. Drey 2
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015

    Welcome to this great city, planned with large and small crossroads, has an excellent mobility for the population, this beautiful city, has a majority of its non-forgetting environment among environmental preservation areas, parks and squares all have the chance to have a nature
    • tower city
      Its tower was built in the 1920s in celebration.
    • view of the city center

    This is a view of the city center with large office buildings.
    • river view

    parts of the city This part of the river is composed of avenues and bridges that connect

    • aerial view

    • view of the central building
    • view near the center

    gamescreen0653.jpg gamescreen0655.jpg gamescreen0661.jpg gamescreen0664.jpg
    • view of rivers with forest area

    gamescreen0666.jpg gamescreen0669.jpg gamescreen0674.jpg gamescreen0676.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    good job and good details
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      thank you!
  2. teo4
    Very nice..charming
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      thank you . soon I will bring another large city and with a train system.a very very large city
  3. Israel
    Awesome job on this project!!!
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      I will update as soon as the other project is completed, I hope you enjoy the next city
  4. thefriendlyarab
    I love the attention to detail, density. Looks really good
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      I like to use space well as in big cities. Thank you very much.
  5. Rodyna
    Not bad :) ))))))
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much
  6. spartanec300
    the city is a solid copy paste most buildings are the same
  7. Heyan
    The City center is clear, but i think the building height of it can changes more.
    The road network is too rigid, the real East Asian city's road network is more irregular. The layout of some low-rise buildings is too similar. The city also needs more complete systematic highway network and railway. You can also make more details on the green belt on the river bank.
    The city's skyline is still good, and the overall image is OK. Some photos are still good.
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      I understand that I did not really work in this city because of my really great project, but I have plans to improve this city that I am expecting mods from Asian homes, so I am unmotivated to create details. Soon I will post the project I'm working on and it will progress a lot. Thank you for your comment.
  8. kipate
    Good work :)
    I like the skyline a lot, and in general, your city does resemble a Japanese/Korean city.

    But first of all, I do miss some train station. They are everywhere in Eastern Asian countries, specifically in Japan.

    Second, I still miss some really small parks. I looked up Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, and also Busan, Seoul, and they all had small parks, small playgrounds, and so on.

    Also, where is the industrial area? I mean, at least manufacturers should be found, not?

    And why did you not place some farms at the edges of the map? Or smaller districts of the city? And where are the road connections?
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      I did not really plan an industrial area I'm planning on doing. this particular city looks like, but with a Korean city wide streets without many intersections and avenues and highways near the river. In the ferovia network I am planning I have created a zoning system that allows you to modify without having to change the map completely accurate then to see the best way to pass the train line. Also, I'm working on something big in this city was a test, so I did not give proper attention to detail. in farms and rural parts I can not use on the map the game does not allow a mod that allows putting farms anywhere. I'm going to post in the media the big project where I'm working the train stations are well detailed the highways cut across the city plus I'm working on a very nice view. Thanks for your comment.
  9. teddiursa00
    Congratulations for filling up the map! 4 stars because the monotone of residential building.
    1. Drey 2
      Author's Response
      I agree with you I also find monotonous and repetitive residences I am waiting for someone to create mods from Asian low and middle houses