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Maps Alimar City Map 1.00

This is a sweet map I made which has a maze of canals running through flat land

  1. XL Nation Staff
    This is a sweet map I made which has a maze of canals running through flat land sitting between mountains.
    At the top of the picture is land I made specifically for a custom airport.
    At the bottom I made land to make a sweet port.
    At the right I was going to put a nuclear power plant out there, but the land is actually too small for that.
    I'm not going to finish the cj I started so I am releasing the map at the request of some members on GC.

    (This photo is a little bit photoshopped)


    If you want to use this map, be prepared to deal with these issues:

    1. Some of the shadows along the canal banks and mountain-sides are permanent (The land is always really dark)
    2. You have to bulldoze trees out of the water.
    3. If you run the game on low graphics, the water levels are crappy
    4. The mountains are bare, which may seem kind of ugly. You can spend hours plopping trees on them if you want.

    Other than that, its yours to enjoy! And you can see the cj of the city I started on this map here. It's in French FYI.
    Oh ya, it replaces the tropical island.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fjarlaegur
    Version: 1.00
    This map looks very nice :D too bad its not Cities XL 2012 and Platinum compatible. It would be awesome if someone could recreate this