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Retail All American Gas Stations v1.20

Petroleum and snacks for your cities

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Eano Industries present the second part in the All American series. This series sets out to represent typical west coast USA commercial architecture and branding.


    There is a hole to fill for car services in CXL, I mean how do all those cars go so far without fuel?
    There are only three bland gas stations that don’t stand out in the game, so here is some colorful corner candy for your cities!

    There are six station configurations, two are re-skinned and mirrored for extra layout variation. The duplicate models have a brand significance too, ARCO is/was part of BP, Chevron and Texaco are the same company. The Shell features a car wash and is a T3 at 60x40. Tried to vary the aging too, the Mobil being the oldest, the 76 is most recent in design and wear. Citgo are the suppliers of the 7-11 gas which pretty much completes the major petroleum players along the west coast USA.


    The models and textures have been created in a way that delivers high quality balanced with efficiency. There is only a single 1024 map (used for the diffuse texture), all other maps for L1-3 use 512x512. The L4 map is 128x128 on all of the models. The models mostly stay shy of the poly limits for a T2 for the highest LODs. The smallest is half the recommended limit too. Both of these optimizations will help prevent slowing or crashing of your cities due to memory usage.

    I feel I also have to give a disclaimer, just because I made these branded models doesn't mean I love the petroleum industry or support oil spillage disasters, they’re just another feature of any city. Thank you to all that supported me on the development thread, it keeps me motivated!

    Enjoy! [​IMG]

    Menu location: Retail/Shops/T2+T3/Special Content

    Texture Map usage on all:
    L1-3: DIFF 1024x2/BP 512x2/REF 512x2/ILL 512x2/AO 512x2
    L4: DIFF 128x2

    Triangle usage:

    • 7-11: L1- 1174 / L2- 1174 / L3- 946 / L4- 36
    • 76: L1- 2560 / L2- 1392 / L3- 1014 / L4- 44
    • ARCO: L1- 1838 / L2- 1838 / L3- 982 / L4- 48
    • BP: L1- 1786 / L2- 1786 / L3- 978 / L4- 48
    • Chevron: L1- 3704 / L2- 1906 / L3- 947 / L4- 36
    • Mobil: L1- 1688 / L2- 1688 / L3- 848 / L4- 36
    • Shell: L1- 2932 / L2- 1940 / L3- 1080 / L4- 44
    • Texaco: L1- 3996 / L2- 1940 / L3- 1013 / L4- 36

    UPDATE 1.2 - Preyfr60 kindly assisted me on tuning the class files to fix the re-grow/bankruptcy issue. A massive thank you for your support sir cat, I hope this fixes the issue! Delete version 1.1 and replace with version 1.2, only the data file changed - HASFINANCIALPROTECTION and lowered the resource numbers.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod
    Shader Pack
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v1.20
    Will I See More Schools Like This One
  2. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: v1.20
    I just downloaded EasyModXL, and I will use one of my favorite mods(this) as a starting point.
  3. serete12
    Version: v1.20
    Very nice job. Very important for a city to have a gas station. This is like the only mod that has gas stations lol.
  4. gseid87
    Version: v1.20
    Was awesome at 1.1, now its perfect