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Offices Architect office V1.0

T1 office

  1. Supersnake
    • CitiesXL 2012
    • CitiesXL Platinum
    All in one.jpg

    Not tested with 2009 and 2011 versions. I'm interested in feedback.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    User Interface Mod by Altiris
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Recent Reviews

  1. Abandon Ship
    Abandon Ship
    Version: V1.0
    The lack of a collision box makes this mod challenging as heck, but it is really cool. I like the model itself as well.
  2. Mr.X²
    Version: V1.0
    nice mod, but could be more detailed. actually i just wanna correct stupid review below ;P
  3. Anonymous
    Version: V1.0
    1. Supersnake
      Author's Response
      Please! Anonymity doesn't exempt politeness. So I won't.
  4. gseid87
    Version: V1.0
    Would like a version with collision box but its a good mod