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CJ Bombay City

Soviet-Russian city that not look like other cities

  1. Sashka55
    Game Version:
    • Cities: Skylines
    Hello, folks!

    Bombay - city in Soviet Russia Republic, with population of 980.000.

    Bombay City is located on the island of Sakhalin, which was founded in 1798 as a small trading port in Back Bay, which has now become a largest cities of Russia and has attained worldwide fame.


    So Let's look around the city!
    1. Frunzensky District is a political center of Bombay. You can see Bombay Kremlin and Soviet Square which are not only main attractions, but also the political center of the city and the country. 7.jpg 2. Opera Garden and Bombay City Hall in Kremlin. 8.jpg 3. Peace Square and monument "Cradle of the World" - beautiful decoration of the Frunzensky district. 3.jpg 4. Revolution Square - the largest square in Bombay with 25m high Lenin monument. Location: Leninsky District Площадь Революции.jpg 5. Kosygin Street in Lazarevsky District. Tall building - Washington Hotel. 17.jpg 6. The old Soviet blocks of flats and new high-rise buildings. Location: Krasnodarsky District. 6.jpg 7. Profsouzov Boulevard. 14.jpg 8. Pacific Hills. 4.jpg 9. Lenin Street. 2.jpg 10. Residential Area in Sovetsky District. 1.jpg

    Thank's for watching!
    I hope you gonna like it!
    Sometimes i will post updates.
    Update #1 - Frunzensky District show up ready!

Recent Reviews

  1. Followyourheart
    Beautiful City with Soviet style
  2. Игорь
    Неплохо, сделать русский город с индийским названием и перемешать в нём разные культуры...Необычно)
  3. tiki100
    Nagyon jól sikerült!!! :)
  4. ricolaw2015
    so wonderful,great works
  5. pauliaxz
    Looks quite well done, anyway there is one thing I miss - typical sleeping districts of any soviet style city.
  6. Vyacheslav
    It is so cool! Russian vehicles and german renaissance buildings (maybe) looking so soviet. The quality of images is amasing! All looks picturesque! Why there are tropical trees? Still, thank you!
  7. loren banovic
    loren banovic
    Very nice, looks like an real russiqan city.
  8. Kitsunebi
    It's funny how you expect an Indian styled city and see a Russian one... but it's really great! Pic 6 is my favourite with the commie blocks and shops! Hopefully we see more of this city? ^^ More detailed pictures of that Kreml-area would be nice... anyways, keep it up! =)
    1. Sashka55
      Author's Response
      yeah, i posted new update.
  9. secpol
    Свинцовые, тяжёлые тучи над кремлём - это символизм или импрессионизм?)
    1. Sashka55
      Author's Response
      Это особенности погоды в игре :)
  10. BahadirB
    It's good to see a Russian city with the names coming from the Sovietic era, I love the naming of quarters and streets etc. However, rather than a Russian city the city seems like the original Bombay with the chaotic urban planning (high-rises next to low-density residentials etc.). And personally, I think it's good to stick to a few architectural styles instead of mixing up.