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CJ Cantarella

The City Of Nations

  1. Chunky88
    The City Of Nations

    Cantarella City is inspired by old European cities with rich history and awesome architectural sights.

    Cantapolis – Ancient Cantarella

    Cantarella City was founded around 1400 BC (as Cantarella) at the foot of the hill named Cantarella Hill. There is a river called Tigerio flowing around Cantarella Hill and flowing towards Yperion Sea. Ideal place to found city. Cantarella grew up, became polis and was renamed to Cantapolis. The centre of Cantapolis (Imperial Palace, temples, monuments and theatres) was situated at the top of Cantarella Hill surrounded by stone walls. Around 200 BC Cantapolis was renamed back to Cantarella and the centre at the top of Cantarella Hill stayed called Cantapolis. The new modern centre, Forum Of Cantarella, was build at the foot of the hill. Cantarella became the imperial centre of trade, religion, culture and art. The city was the capital of the south continent over 300 years. In 280 AD, civil war broke out, anarchy was spreading and subsequently enemies attacked the city and during two years, more than half of the city was destroyed and burned.



    Forum Of Cantarella



    Medieval Cantarella

    Almost 200 years Cantarella was the city of ghosts. Around 480 AD, new citizens began to settle the city around Cantarella Hill. The city grew up as fast as it was destroyed. The new castle of king was build on ruins of Cantapolis. A lot of churches were constructed, new trade roads were created and Cantarella became the medieval centre of Christianity and trade. Population was still growing.

    Cantarella in the Modern Era

    During the Modern Era, Cantarella was spreading a lot regarding architecture and landmark buildings and constructions:

    Catapolis was reconstructed.

    Forum Of Cantarella was completely reconstructed with original and also with many new sacral constructions.

    The new modern centre, called Polysander (Central Plaza, Central Promenade and Central City Hall included), was build.

    Religion Park and Delta Square were build.


    Polysander - Central City Hall and Central Plaza

    Polysander - Central Promenade

    Religion Park

    Delta Square

    Cantarella City

    Current Cantarella with official name Cantarella City is modern capital city of the south continent with many ancient, medieval and modern sights and centres. During last years, there were build new centres like Olympic Park Of Cantarella, tourist centre named Acrollo, Central Park and International Square (both included to Polysander).

    Polysander - Central Park

    Olympic Park Of Cantarella




    2015 AD.

    The City is under construction.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lord-Katania
    Well it reminds me of Disneylandia or something like what.I like the idea but this looks more like a bunch of landmarks than a realistic city.
  2. BahadirB
    Too chaotic, not that it resembles most of the Mediterranean cities. But the city with its confusing avenues and settlement patterns reminds me of my hometown Istnabul.
  3. Ze_Doc
    no high density limitation, many different style mixed senslessly, every landmark clustered with other even if they totaly don t fit together , that s too much landmark in a lonely spot .... sorry i don t like, especially your parks ^^
    1. Chunky88
      Author's Response
      I thank you for your response, but I cannot agree with you. There are many cities with many sights inside:
      See Acropolis in Athens.
      See Rome (Roman Forum, a lot of churches and sacral buildings, ancient ruins …).
      See Florence, Venice, London.
      See great Olympic parks in Sochi, Rio, London, Athens (in past ).
      See modern face of Dubai.

      If the city has long history, it is not possible to have cluster of buildings that all fit together. It is possible only in cities where all buildings are cubes just with different dimensions .

      I did not want to mix different cultures and styles of buildings (like Asian, European, American, …) so I do not see the mix you mean.

      I think the point of the game is not to build real cities that already exist (it does not make sense), but to build own cities using own fantasy.

      I thank and appreciate your opinion.
    Looks kinda different from the real world. But i like those parks.