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City City of Eugeneia

City of Inspiration

  1. verners123
    The City of Eugeneia is a city in Normany.Founded by German,French and Norwegian colonists on the largest lake in Normany,which is Lake Eugene. Eugeneia and Normany is served by Léon Tailler International Airport.

    Parc du Centre

    -Languages: French(77%),German(20%) and Norwegian(3%) -Demonym: Eugeneise
    Type: City Council
    Mayor: Renée Geneviève Segal

    -Area: 150.97 km2 Population: 53,879 (18/1/15)(^141.7)
    Léon Tailler International Airport (EUE)
    Léon Tailler International Airport is the largest airport in Normany.
    Passengers: 3.568 million (2014)
    Serving: Auriga,Bergen,Eugeneia,Vildmark and the rest of Normany
    Airlines: AirNormany,Northern Alpha Centauri Airlines (NACA)


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    Steven H. Endermann
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