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Tutorial Fog Tutorials

Photoshop Modify

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: Uokiok is the original author.

    This simple little tutorial is the use of multiple layers of overlapping PS, atmospheric effects mimic nature. We all know that in reality, no matter how good regardless of the weather, because the distant landscape changes in atmospheric concentrations will produce the same effect as some of the fog. Although the fog effect, but not obvious, so here in XL using Photoshop in a simple simulation.
    Step 1
    Prospects first need to observe the picture, a landscape photograph distinction, medium shot and vision
    Similarly, in the foreground and then roughly distinguish foreground, middle ground and vision. Feel a sense of depth.
    Step 2
    1 Create a new layer, fill to white and set the opacity to 50 or 80%. 2 Use the lasso tool or pen tool check prospects parts removed.
    Step 3
    Duplicate the layer one, the use of copy out of the new layer. Use the Lasso tool to select medium shot partially removed. Note adjust the opacity observation. Each layer are behind the implementation of this method of operation until the farthest vision.
    Finally, adjust the opacity of all layers were observed.
    Ctrl + left mouse button to select the layers one by one, in the background layer little Gaussian blur processing. Each layer of a constituency, and then do it again in the background layer Gaussian blur. In other words, as far as the vision for eight times.
    Here basically completed, and compare original results

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