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Buildings Harvard University 2015-10-16

Harvard University

  1. leiva
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Harvard University
    Compatible with: XL Platinum y XXL 2015
    Multi 2: Spanish and English
    Tired of having to put many universities?
    hos bring the solution here, the famous university Harvad
    Harvad University has the best teachers to provide the greatest benefit ::
    + 80% to the production of all (manufacturing, electricity, water, garbage, oil, OFFICES, etc ..)
    +40 Satisfacion for education,
    + Increased efficiency range x2
    + Removed the requirements to create it
    Not only have a university multifunction but saves space and your production exponentially aunmenta
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    Price added: Original was 130,000 / 400,000 new
    Price maintenance: Original 40,000 / 80,000 new + Personal (80,000 / 90,000)
    I tried it on education, but it has been impossible I still have not managed to get him to h.
    demomento stay in "environment" to find a way

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Recent Reviews

  1. Ryan Moritz
    Ryan Moritz
    Version: 2015-10-16
    come on really ...
  2. zaeciao
    Version: 2015-10-16
    wtf? it is too simple
  3. game9
    Version: 2015-10-16
    Thanks for sharing it! This is very good!
  4. preyfr60
    Version: 2015-10-16
    So... you rename an existing model and call it a new one?... Yeah, right...
  5. Anonymous
    Version: 2015-10-16
    I Think We Have The Building Really In The Game!
  6. Mario777
    Version: 2015-10-16
    Great Idea but for me the maintenance costs too much, sorry, please don't answer to this comment
  7. Afvial Affansy
    Afvial Affansy
    Version: 2015-10-16
    thanks man.. cool mod
  8. sadiemydog
    Version: 2015-10-16
    Thanks for adding new cheats. This really worked well with smaller cities and villages in less dense maps.
  9. metrocity345
    Version: 2015-10-16
    Can we see pictures please?
    1. leiva
      Author's Response
      Add ^^ can you see