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Changes Health Enhancement Mod (HEM) 1.0

A functionality mod that enhances Health simulation

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Welcome to the Health Enhancement Mod - the next gameplay mod that improves functionality in Cities XL.
    Ever felt that Health satisfaction in a city simulator should involve something more than plopping Clinics and Hospitals? Well, this mod answers your needs!
    The HEM deepens the Health aspect of CXL simulation. No longer will your citizens be concerned only if there's a clinic close enough. The adverse effects in the game - Air and Noise Pollution will now directly affect Health satisfaction, while a new effect - Greenery, will counteract these negative effects, alongside the traditional Health service buildings.



    • Air pollution now diminishes Health satisfaction
    • Noise pollution now diminishes Health satisfaction (somewhat less than Air pollution)
    • A new effect is introduced - Greenery. Logically, this effect is emitted by Parks (including the Big park and the Park Areas), rather than Landmark effect. Greenery functions as follows:
    - improves Health satisfaction.
    - improves Quality of Life.
    - track the Greenery effect with the brand-new Overlay in the Environment section!
    The Health overlay also has been improved a bit for the mod. So, when you build parks, you will know that your citizens will not only feel better living in their area, but they'll also get healthier.

    Generally, 'clean' cities shouldn't feel a big change with this mod. Their only problem will be Noise pollution from traffic, Sports leisure and other sources. 'Dirty' cities, however, will have much more trouble because of the smog emitted by factories, Landfills, etc. When you add to this Noise pollution, you'll get quite a drop in Health satisfaction.... which you could offset with Parks [​IMG]
    DISCLAIMER: This mod does NOT make the game easier! Its function is to deepen the Health simulation and make it more realistic, and NOT simply increase the effect of Heatlh buildings!.

    The mod includes all Health service buildings, and with Altiris' graceful permission, his additional Health buildings. So, if you use HEM, you can remove the Bouygues Hospital complex Unlock mod, as well as his New T2 Clinic building.
    The mod also includes the Beach and Ski pack Health service buildings. If you're using CLM, don't worry - both mods won't conflict, and you need make no changes to your CLM installation.

    NOTE: The mod includes the Park area and the American pack Exotic area, which now emit Greenery effect. However, due to inherent problems with Areas in CXL, this effect won't be as noticeable as the Big Park Greenery effect. I'm looking into solving this problem, but don't keep your hopes up - even Monte Cristo's programmers didn't manage to solve it [​IMG]

    Also, Rene has stated that he'll release a Park mod which will involve Greenery. When he does, I'll update the HEM to be compatible with his mod.

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    Installation Instructions:

    When installing the prerequisite UIM - choose a Custom installation and check HEM support. Then put z_XLN_HEM in your Paks folder.
    WARNING: You need to run the UIM installation as Administrator! In case you can't do that (Windows won't let you run as Administrator when you right-click on the MSI file), you'll need to download and install a small registry update, available on the UIM page.
    ->If you're using CLM, you can replace the CLM Beachpack and Skipack with the ones here - this will remove the mod conflicts. The CLM+HEM packs have the absolutely same functions as the original CLM packs.
    Enjoy, and report any problems!
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):