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Offsite Huayi International Building 1.0


  1. XL Nation Staff
    author joues @ sccn

    OFFSITE-MOD from sim-city CHINA
    this is NOT MY WORK

    we arent allowed to upload this here, so please register at sccn if you want to download, make requests or have questions about this mod... this is just a link to find the threads more easy

    Freedom Tower, the transformation of the original model
    Compatible with a shared Freedom Tower Building
    3DS MAX model by zhsh1211 title sponsor!

    Installation Prerequisites: UIM

    20121107_8bdf04891021c803ba8ehDK5S8ZKgo1L.jpg 20121107_47a8c63bb01f36484cd2sfWY9eTTho8Q.jpg 20121107_95995c09fca66a08724er7V20yUMPIXI.jpg
    58398796201211062317423037480862169_000.jpg 58398796201211062317423037480862169_001.jpg 58398796201211062317423037480862169_002.jpg
    58398796201211062317423037480862169_004.jpg 58398796201211062317423037480862169_005.jpg 58398796201211062317423037480862169_006.jpg
    58398796201211062317423037480862169_007.jpg 58398796201211062317423037480862169_008.jpg 58398796201211062317423037480862169_009.jpg.png
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    ask author for info ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Thomas1
    Version: 1.0
    I like that blue one✔