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CJ Klaupio

My 1st city in XXL

  1. Drazicdesign
    Your achievement is fine for now,
    Your city must have more charm to get 5 stars
  2. kipate
    Three stars!
    I do like your highway network a lot,
    you really try to have interchanges that are not
    too complicated, looks very nice!
    Again, that skyline with just 5 or 6 highrises looks quite neat,
    and the choice of highrises was very wise in my opinion!
    I do also love your representation of the whole country,
    as well as of the city itself!

    So, that sounds all positive, but why now only three stars?
    Well, the main reason is again (see sour last CJ) that I think that you have nice ideas, but do not execute them properly.
    For instance, the airport could be improved a lot, it looks
    unrealistic, I have to say (no taxiways there, for example).
    Also I wonder why you put some overground highway tunnels there? Even if they should work as noise barriers, they would need to be longer.
    Also, I am more a fan of realistic plazas. Your Pacman Square may look quite nice from above, but does it also work as a recreational place for your people?
    One last thing was to maybe improve the industrial areas, if possible.

    Once again, you do have good ideas, just be patient enough to create in XXL what your mind is imagining ;)
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Hi! You pointed out the right things. I'm probably good at building road networks and skylines, but poor at plazas and details.

      This was the first time I tried airport pack and really... I have no idea, how to build a proper airport :D. The highway tunnels just appear in my RHM bridges now. And lack of patience is one of my bad sides as well...
  3. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I love it! Keep the updates coming. Nice riverfront, and way to provide us with a lot of information.
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)