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CJ Macksburg

City of Peacksburg (GC)

  1. lnomsim
    The city of Macksburg is located in the North of Peacksbourg, a Génération City community country.

    • Global views:
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    Part 1 - Western Bank:
    • High Speed Train station and contry:
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    Part 2 - City Center

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    Part 3 - CBD

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    Part 4 - Culture & Sport district

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    Part 5 - eastern subburb

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    Part 6 - Southern subburb

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    Sorry, I thought I had more images, but they are of bad quality.

    The city is considered done (the game couldn't load without crashing after 5 min)

    So, here is the last shot of the global city: (very large 7680*4320)


    And a video:

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Recent Reviews

  1. MrF1
    Amazing city. So much details. Everything looks like real city. Great work!
  2. lukazec
    Beautiful and VERY realistic city!
    I really like the layout and road management! :D
  3. Anonymous
    Nice city, looking very French, but well, no journal here, just photos.
  4. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    it's BEAUTIFUL ! no more questions..
  5. yandzz
    Very nice work !
  6. pingyao
    Good job, nice European city. Looks like a nice place to live.
  7. streetsofny
    Nice city friend!
    I like the video too :)