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CJ Makt-Saken (Full)

Microstate near Norway.

  1. Yurabc
    View attachment 15552 City Fish Town (Makt-Saken(The Will Of The Case) from 1734) founded in 1600.At first it was a small village on the peninsula and the castle on the hill.
    View attachment 15553
    The royal family was boring and too boring rules, the city was producing a small amount of fish and the royal family was happy.
    View attachment 15557
    One day in 1734, during the reign of King Christian III was organized ball in the royal castle.
    View attachment 15583
    View attachment 15558
    Everything was very gray and dull. It's in their family. And the young Prince neighboring kingdom to King Henry II offered to play poker (lol). King won and excitement absorb its majesty. he decided to take a chance and put his kingdom against kingdom of Prince Henry II.
    View attachment 15559
    The decisive moment and the king and the king buduyuschy open maps and baaam.
    View attachment 15560
    View attachment 15561 View attachment 15562 View attachment 15563 View attachment 15564 View attachment 15565 View attachment 15566 View attachment 15567 View attachment 15568 View attachment 15569 View attachment 15570 View attachment 15571 View attachment 15572 View attachment 15573 View attachment 15574 View attachment 15575 View attachment 15576 View attachment 15577 View attachment 15578 View attachment 15579 View attachment 15580 View attachment 15581 View attachment 15582 View attachment 15592 View attachment 15593 View attachment 15594
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Recent Reviews

  1. architekt
  2. Deuxpont
    This city has the "scandinavian feel", so 5pts!
  3. Ze_Doc
    i put 5 stars because i believe that the missing screenshots are stunning, the pictures you show are really nice and invite to see more and moreover to understand better your city but there is no sat view no far picture showing globality or even parts of your work, only close pictures.....so sad, we definitely need more, i m sure your future post will comfort my opinion .... ^^
  4. Prydeck
    4 stars because we need more screenshots :)