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CJ Marshall

A typical american-styled city located in the fictional country of Westhampton

  1. Mnr Buys
    This journal is still under heavy construction. More photos and descriptions will follow shortly

    Welcome to Marshall:

    The city is situated in the fictional country of Westhampton.
    Through the centre of the city flows the Absa River. The city was founded in 1842 by business tycoon, Benjamin Marshall, who transformed the town from a sleepy farming community into an buzzling industrial hub.

    Here is one of the only available existing photos of the founder of the town, Benjamin Marshall:

    But without further ado, welcome to Marshall!
    Marshall finish.jpg

    marshall finish 3.jpg

    The city is divided into several neighbourhoods. This picture shows about half of the city.

    Marshall update 2.1.jpg

    The picture below shows downtown Marshall on the left of the Absa River and Dillinger City on the right. In the left corner of the picture you will see Lake Grapa. This is also where the neighbourhood "Grapaville" is situated.

    marshall 5.jpg

    Another view of Downtown Marshall

    Marshall finish 6.jpg

    marshall finish 2.jpg
    Here is the Absa Interchange of the two highways, the N16 and N42.
    Top-left is Dillinger City. Bottom-left, the industrial sector of Marshall, "MarshDustria" and top-right another neighbourhood named Angeltown.

    marshall finish 4.jpg

    This is the neighbourhood of Riverview. It consists of many hotels, resorts and offices. At the centre, a large red bricked building stands that serves as the cities' customs house.
    Left from the customs house is the Riverview library which is the largest library in the state.

    Marshall finish 7.jpg

    Marshall finish 2.4.jpg
    Marshall update 2.9.jpg

    Here we have Dingleton. It is situated right across Riverview. In the top-left, you will see the edge of MarshDustria. Dingleton's larger apartment buildings were constructed to house more workers closer to the industry sector to increase productivity and lower road usage. This was all planned by Benjamin Marshall himself 200 years ago.

    Marshall finish 8.jpg

    Another large neighbourhood is Benoit. This neighbourhood houses a lot of unskilled workers in large apartment buildings and also consists of large industrial warehouses and harbours.
    It is also where the Marshall Badgers Baseball Stadium is situated. This arena draws crowds of up to 60 000 spectators. That is why the stadium sits right next to the N42 highway to handle large amount of traffic.

    Marshall update 2.5.jpg

    marshall update 2.6.jpg

    In the picture below, the Clarkson Casino is showed in the centre which is the largest casino in the state.
    Marshall update 2.8.jpg

    Marshall update 2.2.jpg

    Thank you for viewing this CJ. All updates are reposted into the original post, which means that you don't have to view the updates.
    This is my first CJ and I look forward to more upcoming CJ's.
    Please leave a like and a rating, thank you

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This is really good. It is nice and simple!
  2. Anonymous
    where to download this map ??? please tell me
  3. mbfb1987
    good job ;)
  4. bobqwerty
    That interchange... is the dream of every lumberjack. I like your city road layout. Despite simple, it's functional. Just place some secondary roads near the main expressway and consider replacing some of the tree areas in between with flat plazas.
  5. ezekiel
    Very nice. One thing i've noticed about american cities along rivers, is that the central business district is usually on just one side of the river. Most of the time the other side is industrial or metro. Or sometimes there is nothing on the other bank like with Memphis, Tn.
  6. Thrangar
    Nice city, why is there no activity on the water did I miss something?
    also anyone know what that stepped building is, in the 3rd from last picture?
  7. dlimpens
    nice city, looks good
  8. D.J.McBride
    Excellent Job. I love the layout and different parts of town.
  9. juankaport
    looks amazing and so realistic!
  10. pingyao
    Love the US style of this city. Will be good to see once all the suburbia is complete. Good stuff!