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CJ Montereal

A well planned coastal city

  1. fanattiq
    As a new junction center, Montereal was developed with a strict planning system. The highways connects the flat lands near the coast with the highlands where the industrial zones lies. The city have been growing just in the coastal area, with a high value for terrain in the coastal line, with the higher buildings.

    In order to avoid wasting of urban land, the airport was build up in the near island of Montemar ("mount in the sea").

    Almost every suburb have been meticulously designed, both those for elite, executive, qualified or not qualified ones.

    In the other side of the river, a little high class residential area in the coast and a high performance Centre for sports in the high terrain have been developed.

    An excellent public transport system can pick up the citizens almost to everywhere: the extensive net of underground, bus lines and tramways make a full transport net.
    montereal-tranvia.jpg montereal-metro.jpg montereal-bus.jpg

    General views of the maritime front: gamescreen0079.jpg


    The industry:
    Highway hub:

    Other views:


    More pictures:
    gamescreen0065.jpg gamescreen0067.jpg gamescreen0069.jpg gamescreen0077.jpg gamescreen0078.jpg gamescreen0082.jpg gamescreen0084.jpg gamescreen0085.jpg gamescreen0092.jpg gamescreen0094.jpg gamescreen0096.jpg gamescreen0068.jpg


    1. gamescreen0084.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    good job,nice background info,
    though i have to say it looks a bit experimental to me,
    as you strictly divided your city into residential and
    industrial areas, beneath others...
  2. pingyao
    Big city, great ocean frontage with the business district behind. That cable stayed bridge near the industrial zone looks like a cool bridge to cross.
  3. Manila Twilight
    Manila Twilight
    Road layout and zoning are very good. I want my city to be like this, masterly planned!
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you Manila! Yourd words are very uplifting