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CJ NatunaTelhy

National Capital of Aindia

  1. A SenG
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Here is the city of New Telhy (Locals call it Natuna Telhy), the National Capital of Aindia. The city was constructed with an aim to shift the capital from Kolcutta to have a better logistical location, as the new site was right at the centre of the country. But with the passage of time, the National Capital has become one of the largest metropolis in the country.
    The Old Fort still reminds people of its glorious past but modern capital resembles a fantastic blend of the best flavours of both colonial and traditional architecture and style.
    History: Emperor Shehrun build the fort city of Telhira in 1238 A.D which became the medieval capital of Shehr kingdom in North Central Aindia. Soon its strategic location attracted trade and commerce. Today all we can see are the ruins of the old fort surrounded by jungles. View attachment 29951
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    The Planned Capital: The Capital complex has the President's Residence in the centre. It is flanked by the National Secretariat Buildings on both sides. The National Path runs from the entrance of President's Residence straight to the Aindian Gate. This road has all the ministry offices and diplomatic enclaves on both sides. The Army Headquarters are in the north of the Capital complex.
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    The city: Natuna Telhy is one of the most vibrant, well planned and organised, beautifully laid out and maintained cities in Aindia. The central part of the present metropolis is the originally planned capital city which is divided into a Capital Complex and residential sectors to house the government officials and workers, with all the necessary amenities and two sectors are dedicated to be the Central Business District and Recreational and sports purposes. With the passage of time, the city expanded in all directions, mostly in a planned manner, although unplanned or haphazard growth can be seen in some places due to massive inflow of population in recent times.
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    Infrastructure: The National Capital has witnessed tremendous investments in urban infrastructure. It has Natuna Telhy Airport International (NTAI) the largest airport in the country apart from two other smaller airports, military air base, air clubs, etc. Natuna Telhy has some of the best sport facilities with the National Sports Stadium and Aindian Indoor Stadium, National Water Complex, etc. The city has recently added Monorail to its transportation facilities and it has been handy in reducing its ever growing traffic. The city also has an underground metro rail system.
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    Natuna Telhy has some of the best institutions in Aindia, University of Telhy, Aindian Institute of Technology among the others.
    Being the National Capital, Natuna Telhy has become a major urban magnet in northern Aindia. It has witnessed a considerable growth in high tech industries and office-cum-retail sectors. Considering it growth over the last few decades, the city has been converted into a territory with its own civic and political jurisdiction.
    More details about the city will be added soon.
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Recent Reviews

  1. benhur1967
    Really imposing! A very good job. Only a question: I am Italian and I see a mod of the Church of Saint Ambrose in Milan in one of your pictures. Would you please tell me where did you get the mod for that? Obviously, if I am not wrong. :-)
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your compliments, now thats a tough question, actually I downloaded lots of mods at a time from this site :-D , so cant really say exactly which mod brought that, the name of the building in the game is given Royce Hall, I use it from the Landmark option under Decorations menu in the game (with the custom button turned off). please never mind
    Looks like Pyongyang XD
    anyway,its a good-looking town,keep it up !
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thanks, although never saw Pyongyong, now'll have to google that.
  3. skullz613
    Nice work. Some of those screens remind me of North Korea. Tons of concrete areas and no people.
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review, actually the photographer took the pictures on Sunday ;-D, never saw any North Korean city though.... and many thanks to you for your mods
  4. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    The only thing I don't like is the country side roads in the middle of the city
    1. A SenG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review, actually for the centre of the capital complex, that is, the campus for President's Residence, I didn't wanted to use any type of roads (especially metalled), because I wanted to create the President complex as if its on a single ground, by that I mean not divided by roads, but as we cannot place the particular buildings without roads, thus tried to use the countryside road and the yellowish red kind of ground texture to mix it up.