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Transportation Pharmist Bridge Height Experiments v1.25

Pharmist Bridge Height Experiments

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Originally created by Pharmist.

    This experiment is designed to:

    1)Allow you to set the bridge height lower then the default height.
    2)Choose your height from zero to 30 units in increments of 5 units.
    3)Make it easier to construct overpasses of the same height.
    4)Separate patch files for the standard bridges and custom bridges.

    There are two sets of bridges.
    1)Standard bridges
    2)Custom bridges

    The standard bridges are those that came with the game.

    The custom bridges are those from my other road experiments. You only need to use these patch files if you have that road experiment installed.

    The custom bridges are divided into 8 groups.
    1)6-lane road
    2)8-lane road
    3)Bus lane roads
    4)Farm roads
    5)Maarten’s roads
    6)Medieval roads
    7)Slip roads
    8)Snowy roads

    Each road group has seven patch files to choose from. Each patch file is for a different bridge height.

    You can only use one patch file from each road group at a time.

    You can remove this experiment without fear of causing a game crash.

    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

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    Scott K Anderson
    Version: v1.25
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