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CJ Port Sakaria

Capital of Roka Islands, Sagarika

  1. Anirban
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Finally the entire CJ is uploaded. For some reasons my spoilers are getting split into two parts and i cant fix it. Please bear with it.
    Before starting to write about my project, I would like to thank all the modders who are working very hard to make this game better and better. Thank You all of you guys.

    Port Sakaria is the the capital of the Roka Islands of the country Sagarika. Port Sakaria is not only the administrative head of the Roka Islands but it is also the executive and judicial of the Islands. Roka Police is in charge of the Port City as well as other islands and Port Sakaria is the largest of all. Built as a naval base during Joralish Colonial era, it has now turned into a major island city with all modern facilities. Main industries are the Export-Imports with various ports, Tourism and the Fisheries.
    Roka Islands is an archipelago of 21 Islands located at the junction of Rastan Ocean and the Gulf of Gandha. It is located at the north eastern tip of Dakshin Pradesh and in the south eastern part of the nation Sagarika. The Roka Islands is one of the 14 states of Sagarika with capital at Port Sakaria. The legislative assembly as well as the judicial high court for all the islands is located at Port Sakaria.

    Roka Islands was just a group of forested islands till the end of 17th century. The islands gets its name from the Roghan and the Kabal Tribes which used to inhabit these islands before civilization reached here. Port Sakaria (earlier known as Sakaru) was the only civilised island comprising of a small fishing village and a resting hub for passing cargo ships.
    In the 1685 the first Joralish ship anchored in the Sakaria Port. Since no empire of the mainland claimed ownership of these islands, it was easy for them to set up their business there. Initially setting up it has there economic port in the Rastan Ocean region, the island played a critical role in the shaping of next couple of centuries of the region.
    Within 1729 warships and troops had rolled in and now Port Sakaria controlled all the sea trade routes in this region. In 1734-35 the Jorals first attacked the mainland and occupid the modern Dakshin Pradesh and Gandha region and by 1845 most of the mainland was part of the Joralish empire. Headquarters was shifted to Magadh from Port Sakaria in 1788 and the island became a fortified naval base.
    During the Global War of early 20th century, Port Sakaria acted as naval base for the Joralish Empire with major ships based there. Also it had an air force base (present day civil airport). The new air force base was built in 1945. Sagarika gained independence in 1938 and became a democratic republic. Port Sakaria was made the capital of Roka Islands.
    Due to governments' reforms in the 1984 five-year Plans, not only huge foreign investments poured in, there was great indigenous development. Now it is countries foremost tourism hub with casinos and exotic islands and but also one of the leading port for export and import.
    Sagarika is sovereign democratic republic of the Tolasia continent. It is bounded by Rastan Ocean on the east and the Sagarika sea on the west. It shares boundaries with 8 nations, 5 in north( Satama, Bhupen, Bolaris, Kovata, Gobra) and 3 in south(Volkistan, Lodha, Peshama). It is the largest country of the region and it is a subcontinent of its own. It comprises of 14 states.
    Sagarika Map.png
    Image: Present Day Political Map

    Sagarika, prior to independence, was known as the Joralish Empire of Sagarika. The Jorals occupied and ruled over the land for more than 200 years. Subjected to various atrocities and oppression, the land gave birth to various revolts and freedom movements and finally Sagarika gained independence on 18 July,1938. This day is celebrated as national holiday.
    Sagarika Map - Colonial.png

    Image: 1912 Political Map (Pre-independence)
    At the time of independence, Satama was partitioned from Sagarika due to various reasons. Most of the princely states decided to join the Union of Sagarika. However Satama occupied the northern part of Parasu princely state in 1939 and ceasefire was declared. However in the second war with Satama in 1944, Sagarika took back the the lost district of Parasu. It is now a separate state and was not merged with Raj Pradesh for political reasons. Satama attacked Sagarika again in 1974, however this time with the help Talipora in north, Satama suffered heavily losses and lost a lot of territory.
    In 1988 Volkistan attacked Sagarika from south, but they too suffered loss of territory and large part of land is in disputed zone. Lodha a separate state, is on the verge of merging with Union of Sagarika, as various protests are going on and soon a referendum is to be passed in favour of merger. Due to hostile neighbours, Sagarika has strengthened its military strength. Today Sagarika is a world superpower with 3rd largest military and 4th largest economy of world. By land area it is 10th largest nation. It is part of an elite group of nations as it not only has 4 aircraft carriers but also it is a nuclear nation.

    Sagarika Flag.png

    : Sagarika
    Capital: Magadh
    Government Type: Soverign Secular Democratic Republic
    Area: 2,145,390 sq Km
    Population: 1,100,158,243 (Census :2013)
    Religion: Hindu (65%), Christianity (15%), Budhism (10 %), Islam (9%), Others (1%)
    President: Folken Desop
    Prime Minister: Javed Lia
    GDP: 4.183 Trillion Dollars (2016 Estimate : 4,350, 500 Million Dollars)
    GDP per Capita: 28,450 Dollars
    Currency: Toly ( equivalent to 40 Dollars)
    Industries: Tourism, IT, Technolgy and communications, infrastrutures, automobiles and manufactures, Petroleum, hightech goods, heavy and light industries, medicines, etc
    Port Sakaria.png
    Capital: Port Sakria
    Area: Roka Islands (3,467 sq km); Port Sakaria ( 109 sq km)
    Population: Roka Islands (749,321); Port Sakaria (527,621)
    Chief Minister: Benji Lodha
    Pincode: 890-000 to 890-121
    Vehicular License: RK
    GDP : 15 Billion Dollars (Roka Islands); 14.3 Billion Dollars (Port Sakaria)
    GDP per Capita: 35,240 Dollars
    Main Industries: Tourism, Fisheries, Petroluem, Export and Imports, Wood Factories, Manufacturing
    Overview of Port Sakaria is in the Spoiler Below

    cxl_screenshot_santima island_10.jpg
    Image: Aerial View Of Port Sakaria
    santima island_Modi.jpg
    Image: Key Points of Port Sakaria
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_54.jpg
    Image: View from South End
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_110.jpg
    Image: View from North End
    The images and information about southern part of Island is in the spoiler below
    The southern Part of the Port Sakaria ranges from the Pamel End at the southern tip to the South Point Colony. This is a wealthy area of the island with many executives and elites residing here. At the extreme south-west is the Sakaria Bio-Reserve and Mini Zoo. Till 1956, 43% of the island was under forestland. However due to technological advances and real estate markets, forests were cut down. To prevent this, the government declared the remaining 6% forest land as protected bio-reserve in 1996.
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_13.jpg
    Image: Southern Part of Port Sakaria
    The notable places located in this zone are the Santa Cruz Port, a Passenger terminal for both Cruise ships and minor inter-island and intra-island transport. The Oval Theater is a prominent spot in the city with shows almost every day since its construction in 1974. The Veer Island is a memorial island with statue depicting Lady of Valour and Courage for the freedom struggle of the people of Sagarika. The Sakaria Water Treatment Unit is also located in this area, consisting a desalination plant inaugurated in 2010. Also there is a statue of a prominent freedom fighter,Princess Shreya located at the tip of Kolava End.
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_91.jpg
    Image: Santa Cruz Port
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_27.jpg
    Image: Veer Island( Bottom), Santa Cruz Port (Bottom left), Oval Theatre and SouthPoint Colony (Top left), Casino Pavilion (Top middle), Orange Square and St. John's Cathedral (top right)
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_107.jpg
    Image: Kolava End and Statue of Princess Shreya on right, SouthPoint Beach on left
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_93.jpg
    Image: Veer Island and SouthPoint Beach
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_102.jpg
    Image: Kolava End and Statue of Princess Shreya
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_23.jpg
    Image: Oval Theater at Night
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_92.jpg
    Image: Statue of Lady of Valour and Courage
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_4.jpg
    Image: Sakaria Water Treatment and desalination Plant (bottom), Thermal Power Plant (Centre), Red dock (top right), Sakaria SEZ Zone (left)

    Other Images of the zone are below
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_14.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_11.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_santima island_95.jpg
    Below is the Central part of Sakaria Island
    Image: Central Part Of Port Sakaria
    The central Part of the city is trully the heart of entire Roka Islands. This is the most wealthiest part with most 5-star hotels and casinos located in the Casino Pavilion.

    Image: Casino Pavilion along with central Monorail system
    Image: Casino Grande (front) and Casino Sunlight (Behind) at night
    Image: Casino Pavilion at Night
    Image: Palace Shahabaz Casino (Oldest)
    It is the seat of administration with the legislative Assembly, the Secretariat and is well protected VVIP zone for MLA villas, all in the Orange Square. North of Orange Square lie the very old St. John’s Cathedral, built in 1705. North of this is the Sakaria National Museum.

    Image: St. John's cathedral at top, Orange Square(below) comprising of MLA Villas, Legislative Assembly building, and the Secretariat (extreme bottom). The Monument of Democracy stands in front of the Assembly.
    Image: Orange Square- MLA Villas(left), Legislative Assembly building and Monument of Democracy (centre) and the Secretariat (right)
    Image: St. John's Cathedral
    Image: Sakaria National Museum
    The Roka United FC stadium, with a seating capacity of 40,000, is the home Roka United football club, Sakaria Sharks and the Gharially FC. It has also hosted football world cup games in 2005. Also nearby is the Sakaria Baseball Stadium with a capacity of 20,000. The Sakaria Baseball team plays here and it is going to host the 26th World Championship in March, 2016.

    Image: Sakaria Baseball Stadium and Gharially FC ground (top centre), SouthPoint Colony (left), Casino Pavilion (right)
    Image: Sakria Baseball Stadium gearing up for 26th World Championship
    Image: Roka United FC Stadium Complex (center) and St. Johns Cathedral (top left)
    Image: Upgrades in the Stadium Complex
    Image: Roka United FC stadium at Night
    The central industries is located at the exact center of the island and on its left lies the Sakaria International Airport, New Air-force Base and the Central Dockyard. The Lowerie Bridge, built in 1964 and connected the Northern and Southern parts of the island through the Sakaria Central Expressway.

    Image: Central Industries (centre), Sakaria fisheries( centre left), Lowerie Bridge( right bottom), Cemetery and Crematorium (bottom left)
    Image: Central Industries(right), Sakaria International Airport (left) and the Sakaria Central Expressway between them
    Other Images of this zone are shown below
    The northern part of the Island was mainly covered with forests till 1951. The Sakaria Shipbuilders Dock was built in 1950-52. Along with it, the Sakaria Shipbuilders Colony (SSD Colony) was built for accommodating the numerous workers of the shipbuilders. The East Point Dock is situated north of this, while the Sagarika Naval Base towards south east of here.
    Image: Overview of Northern Part; the Naval Base (top right), the Sakaria Shipbuilders Dock and East Point Dock (centre-right), SSD colony (centre), East point colony (left), Roka University and multi-specialty hospital( top), and Central Dockyard( extreme top)
    Soon after 1955 real estate builders started investing here and the islands first skyscraper was built here. The East coast colony is residential zone and also has some offices located here. Also situated here is the Roka multispecialty hospital, catering to all islands of Roka archipelago and also the Roka University, built in collaboration with foreign universities. The entrance to the central dockyard and the privatized Delop Refinery of the Delop International oil company is situated here.

    Image: Roka University (right) and the Coast Guard Dock (left)
    Image: Roka University (back), Roka Multi-specialty Hospital (front)
    Image: Roka Multi-specialty hospital
    Image: Gharially East Colony on the Gharially Hills, mainly low income settlements; the Sakaria central Expressway
    Image: SSD Colony (left), east coast colony (front)
    Image: SSD Colony and a deck of East Point Dock
    Other Images of the northern part are shown below
    Bird Island is located at southern part of the Sakaria Island and is 2 kms of the main coast. It is called so because during the Joralish Rule, this island was a favourite bird hunting spot for them. In 1956 it became a resort island as it was away from the bustling city centre. Till 1998 it was only accessible by ferry. However the 50th World Water Sports was to be hosted here in 2005. Thus the Shreya Water Sports Complex was built here along with 2.5 km under water tunnel connecting it to the main island.
    Image: Overview of Bird Island
    Image: Overview Island with its resorts in front
    Image: Shreya Water Sports Complex
    Image: Seaplane dock and the Cruise Jetty
    The Sakaria Ship Builders is a public sector ship building company of the Sagarika Govt. It was proposed in the year 1945 and built between 1950-52. It is mainly associated with building cargo vessels and small freight vehicles. It has 2 major and a minor building bays and 3 indoor building units. The East Point Dock is located adjacent to it and caters to all its need. To accommodate the workers the Sakaria Ship Builders Colony or popularly known as SSD colony was also built close-by.
    Image: Overview of the Sakaria Ship Builders Dock
    Image: Building Bays of the Sakaria Ship Builders
    Image: East Point Dock
    Image: Sakaria Ship Builders Dock at night, SSD Colony behind
    The Sakaria International Airport is located centrally on the Port Sakaria Island in a key location. Built during Joralish rule as an air force base, it was converted in to a complete civil airport in 1945 when the new air force base became operational. It has undergone several upgrades. The runway is provided latest landing gears SC-4 technology. It is 2500 m in length. The airport has two levels of roadways built, the upper for departure, and the lower level for arrivals. The Cargo Terminal is built separately on the other side of the runways. A specially built terminal for private jets is also present.
    Image: Overview of Sakaria International Airport-the main terminal (center), Cargo terminal (right) and Terminal for Private Jets (top beside the hangars)
    Image: Sakaria International Airport front-view
    Image: Two levels of roads-top for departure and bottom for arrivals
    Image: Passenger Terminal
    Image: Cargo Terminal
    Image: The airport at night
    Image: Central Dockyard
    The central dockyards existence runs as old as 1235 AD with various ships flowing through this over time. It has from then undergone disasters and destruction and on the other hand developments, upgrades and modernization. It is the biggest of all the docks of the islands and the chief commercial hub. It is located on both sides of the Docking Bay and adjacent to International airport.
    Image: The dock entrance, loading bays, and the container storage zones. The Delop Refinery located near mouth of the bay.
    The Delop Refinery is located in this complex only. It is owned by Delop International, a major petroleum company. Three unloading bays for tankers are provided. Also the dock for the Sakaria Fisheries is located here. Sakaria Fisheries is one of the biggest fishing corporations of the country, built in 1855.
    Image: Delop Refinery (left) and the Central Dockyard on both sides of the bay
    Image: Sakaria Fisheries Dock and Cold Storages
    Image: Central Dockyard at Night
    Port Sakaria is located in a strategic locations as it greatly governs the sea routes through the Rastan Ocean. It proved its importance during the Joralish Invasion and then during the Global War. However the army base was decentralized from the island and built on nearby other Roka islands for security purposes.
    Sagrika Airforce.png
    Image : Flag of Sagarika Air Force
    Sagrika Navy.png
    Image: Flag of Sagarika Navy

    A smaller air force base was built on the Tompa plateau in 1945. It houses F-35, C-130J Super Hercules and C-17 Globemaster squadrons. Located near the airforce base is the SSRO planetarium. It is the observatory and satellite communication centre run jointly by Sagarika Space Research Organization(SSRO) and the Sagarika Air Force.
    Image: Air Force base on the Tompa plateau and the SSRO planetarium at top of the hill
    Image: SSRO planetarium
    Image: The Sagarika Air Force base (C-17 Globemaster on runway)

    The naval base is located 1 km of the coast of island in the north western part, close to Sakria Ship Builders Dock.
    Image: Overview of the Naval Base
    Image: SAC-2 Lodhavira aircraft carier docked at the naval base
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