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CJ Saint-Naizere

Port of Saint-Naizere

  1. Marc Zandecki
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    History of Saint-Nazaire
    Archaeologists claim that Saint-Nazaire was built on the remains of Corbilo Armorirac a Gallic city, which was inhabited by the tribe of the namnetes. According to the Greek navigator Pytheas it was the 2nd largest city in Gaul (after Massilla-Marseille). Archaeological findings tell that the area has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The Tumulus of Dissignac and the dolmen located right in the center of the city are a silent witnesses of this period. According to the 15th century chronicler Alain Boulart,It was Brutus of Troy took that took the mythical ancestor of the Bretons here ashore. Historical findings tel that at the end of the Roman period, the British colonized the region in the Loire. The southernmost straight area where the old Breton language was spoken is Donges, east of Saint-Naizerre.

    Middle Ages:
    According to the 6th century historian Gregory of Tours, the Roman church hidden the remains of martyr Nazarius in the basilica. According to legend, the Breton chief Waroch II had sent a anvoy to get the relics. However, the plot was discovered and the envoy was slain in front of the church door. Chief Waroch saw it as a miracle and the village bore also the name of Sanctus Nazarius the Sinuario.
    From then on, as everywhere in Europe, the early Middle Ages, in Saint-Naizere are poorly understood. In 1380 John V Duke of Brittany defended the city against the Castilian fleet during the 100 years war. Then Saint-Naizere became the capital of a parish enriched from Pornichet to Peno√ęt. Part of the Viscounts of Saint-Naizere.Like most of Brittany was Saint-Naizere part of the Duchy of Brittany. Until 1532 when it was occupied by the French. In 1624 the town was threatened by the Calvinists. 1756 a fort was built by the governor of Brettagne. This is to defend the city. Which had 600 residents at that time. It remained in the province of Brittany until the French Revolution.

    19th century and industrialization:
    In the early 19th century, the harbor consisted of just a simple quay. Because until then the town was too far situtated inland. The main economic factor was not fishing, but being a strategically located place for large ships. In 1800 the parish of Saint-Naizere was about 3216 residents.
    The modern Saint-Naizere arose at the time of Napoleon. The city grew by abolishing the feudal system, thus the composition of the population was very homogeneous. Since then, the city experienced aexpantionele population growth . In 1802 a paved road was built to connect the port. In 1835 the port was fortified with a breakwater and a lighthouse. Docks were constructed for ships., Since then also-rounder large passenger ships docking of the line Nantes-Saint-Naizere. And for large ships it became an alternative for those who could not get to Nantes. In 1856 the first wet basin was dug.
    That the ships allowed to dock and go. In 1857 there was a railroad to Nantes. In 1862 the first transantlantische telegraph line was built between France and South America. It came ashore at Saint-Naizere. 1863 was also the year of the construction of major shipbuilding structures. Chantier Scott who was the first to build French ships with metal shells. (went bankrupt in 1866). In 1868 Saint-Naizere became a sub-prefecture of the city Savenay. A 2nd dock was constructed in 1881. This to accommodate even larger vessels. In 1870 born in Nantes,and despite his youth, Pierre-Waldek-Rousseau, became secretary of the city. And he came to the Bar of Saint-Naizere He also aroused interest in the Navy for Saint-Naizere. In 1873 he went back to the desk of Rennes with the administration of the third republic.
    On March 30, 1894 there was a strike in the mills of Trignac against a reduction in the workforce. What initially was a small dispute escalated later in a shooting in Fourmies and became a national issue. This gave the city a nickname (the red city). Socialists flooded in order to protect the workers in imitations of the mischief of Fourmies. In 1900 the greater area of Saint-Naizere was divided into smaller municipalities, one of which was Pornichet.
    During the First World War the city was a major repository for the allied. Later the town was important for Americans who were involved in the war since 1917. They brought with it new developments such as the drinking water supply. The port had benefited from it. There were in fact cooling terminals constructed. But the presence of legal brothels was the beginning of a diplomatic incident between France and the US General John Pershing offered a compromise to. The American medical services would strictly monitor the hygiene in the brothels that only and only worked for the Americans. Only after the armistice of November 1918 were the disease cases in the US military's height.

    Interwar period.
    The postwar period was a period of rescession for shipbuilding. Since 1922, besides the shipbuilding alsow developed the aviation sector and one is specialized in building seaplanes. In 1926 Paimbuef was merged with the town of Saint-Naizere.
    Despite the construction of large passenger ships in the 20s as the SS Paris and the SS Ile de France, the French government had to intervene during the Great Depression of the 30s This larger jobs could be performed. The SS Normandie. Which was built in the newly Louis Joubert dry dock. The SS Normandie was the largest of its kind in the 30's .
    The casino was closed in 1932 and moved to Nantes.
    After a big rally in 1936 the government nationalized all private shipyards.
    World War II
    After the invasion of Poland and the military defeat in the Battle of France. The city became one of the major ports in the operation Areal. Which served to evacuate the Allied forces in France. On 17 June 1940, however, The German kampfgeschwader 30 discovered the British intentions and bombarded the port and thereby made 4000 victims. And became the greatest catastrophe of the British navy ever.
    After the French surrender in June 1940 Saint-Naizere immediately became an operational naval base for the German Navy. And also as a favorite target of the allies. Immediately after the occupation, the German Navy began the construction of a submarine base.

    After World War II
    In the late 40s, the city was rebuilt in a minimalist style. But they also had an eye for space. This means that there was attention to greenery and plazas. The U-boat base by the French Navy was used until 1948. Saint-Naizere specialized after the demise of the trans-Atlantic ships in the construction of large tankers. And in 2003 it also became the building shipyard for RMS Queen Mary II .
    There is a well-known school nurse and the University of Saint-Naizere is a branch of the University of Nantes, specializing in techological gadgets for shipping

    The N 1 which connects Saint-Naizerre with Avranches
    A 1 which connects Saint-Naizere with Saint-Lo and Tours
    A 2 which connects Saint-Naizere with Coutances
    Air traffic Mainly gos to Tours and Most European destinations
    The railroads linking the cities above
    The economy is mainly based on portal activities and shipbuilding activities and shipbuilding

    The whole city from the air (It do'snt look like 1.032.000 city) The city will probably have in real life a population of 150.000
    The portal area
    On the left corner of the port are the Portal authorities
    Left of it the buildings of the municipal goverment, and in the middle The Saint george retirementhome
    Central station with all public transports. 11 buslines and 8 subway lines
    Vieuw from Parc Carnot towards the building on the right (Mediapark) behind the headquarters of the French TV Networks France 2 and France 3 (TF1 is private and located in Tours) Are several compagnies that provide services in the entertainment industries for TV as well for film.

    Avenue de General De Gaul cxl_screenshot_saint-naizerre_58.jpg
    Avenue General de Gaul towards the citycenter. In front the TV Network and the ferriswheel
    Vieuw to the east
    The highway intersection from the A 2/A1/N1 The small bridges that are comming from the railroadstation are ment to be railroad bridges. But because of the lack of a railroadbridge in XXL use your imagination.
    Vieuw towards the port at night
    In front the palace of justice and just besides the prison
    Public Highschool Jean-Jaure
    Jean-Jaure privateschool and some faculties of the university of Saint-Naizere
    Behind the palmtrees the faculty of naval technology
    cxl_screenshot_saint-naizerre_136.jpg Avenue Leon Lagrange towards the stade de Leon Lagrange and on the left Police headquarters
    On the left Highrise suburbs in the maritime resaerch fascilities and on the right police headquarters
    cxl_screenshot_saint-naizerre_155.jpg midrise suburbs
    Vieuw from Avenue Francois Mitterand towards the sportsfascilities behind the stadium and the suburbs cxl_screenshot_saint-naizerre_180.jpg
    Avenue Francois Mitterand
    Vieuw on a small lake in the parc du 19 mars 1962
    Rue des Vanneaux suburbs
    cxl_screenshot_saint-naizerre_205.jpg Unskilled suburbs near the Airport (Avenue de cote d' amoure)
    Gasstation on the Avenue de la republique (near the airport)
    cxl_screenshot_saint-naizerre_221.jpg From the hills to the west
    The Woodrow Wilson Naval and Maritieme research center with highrise suburbs
    Stade de OSC Saint-Naizere and behind the CBD of Saint-Naizere
    The whole parc of the 19 Mars 1962
    Suburbs near the city limits
    Saint-Naizere international Airport
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    Jose Miguel
    Muy bueno, donde se puede conseguir el portaaviones
  2. Inan
    Try to spread out the buildings more over the city instead of clustering the same types of buildings in blocks. That would be more realistic imo. Nice background informations of course! Nice effort, keep on! :)
  3. Ceem
    Amazing, i for one would live in saint naizere, is there any place to get the shell mod ? i live in the UK and shell petrol stations are everywhere.
    1. Marc Zandecki
      Author's Response
      Go to xl nation and click on the buildings button on the right menu. You will find it on american gasstation. Can't mis it. Is there a railroad bridge mod for XXL?
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    Nice City, Would have loved more infos. Loved your plazas and the nature of a random street planning, however the highway nature was awkward as well as unused hills
    1. Marc Zandecki
      Author's Response
      Why i did not used more space, very simple. My laptop dosn't like the game. It is a 2,4 ghz, playing a 2,5 ghz game. With a litle bit of stuntwork expanding data speed with 4 memory boards and a coolpad it is just doable to bild a city up to 1.000.000. peaple. So i need to be a bit gentle if i want to keep my computer for a very long time. The highway is still something that i have to learn. But one thing i have discovered is. That when you want your highway out of the city connecting to another city. Than it costs you about 50 tot 60.000 K. But if jou just connect the ends of with a expressway than it costs jou only about 10.000 K. Handy if jou want to build a highway but jou are low on money. Besides, why do's the highway have trafficlights when i am making a intersection?It seems that the cars have the same behavior as running on a normal crossroad. Very weard if jou have to stop just for getting on a intersection. So the highway cannot be made as real in the real world. Because these kind of intersections that you have to stop you can only find on expressway's and not on highway's, besides the standard mod is bugged. i know there is a turtorial to bild intersections bud i dont know if it is for XXL two.
    Love your residences part