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Tutorial Solution for the lag

If it does not completely remove lag, it will certainly improve performance a lot.

  1. BaRRtos
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    • Cities XXL 2015
    • Cities XL 2009 - 2011
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Step 1: Locate GlobalSettings.cfg in Cities XXL/Data/Config/

    Step 2: Open GlobalSettings.cfg

    Step 3: Search for the phrase: <!-- Visibility Manager -- > and you will find this: <VisibilityEnabled>2</VisibilityEnabled> and change it to <VisibilityEnabled>0</VisibilityEnabled>.
    Now when you start the game and load a city all the objects such as trees and city lights will be only drawn once so no redrawing of objects when you scroll the screen.

    Step 4: Search for the phrase: <ProcessEnabled>1</ProcessEnabled> and change it to <ProcessEnabled>0</ProcessEnabled>.
    This setting draws all objects (trees, city light etc.) beforehand so no drawing of objects anymore in the game.

    Step 5: Search for the pharse: <PoolSize>2048</PoolSize> and change it to <PoolSize>4096</PoolSize> or even <PoolSize>8196</PoolSize> (depends on how many ram you've got).

    Step 6: Download 4GB Patch from here 4GB Patch – NTCore.

    Step 7: Open the .exe file and select CitiesXXL.exe.

    Now you probably got rid of lag. But if it's not enough you can:

    Change the priority in the task manager from normal to high. Do not change it to realtime, because it will ruin your PC (unless you know what are you doing).

    Turn off shadows in the settings when playing and turn on when taking screenshots.

    If this does not completely remove lag, it will certainly make your game run smoother and faster. I hope it helped. :)

    Also it will probably work on XL's all versions.
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Recent Reviews

  1. secpol
    Developers send)))))
  2. Jonah1822
    does this work with Platinum?
    1. BaRRtos
      Author's Response
      It should work.