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  2. Thank you to our large donator. I was able to cover the rest of this months bill.
    Would be great if we had more donations but I guess its a sign that the game fanbase is not as big as it use to be.
    I would love to be able to add a way for our Chinese members to donate but theres no easy way to do it.
    If anyone has ideas please share and I'll look into it.
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Changes Super Silo & Fertilizer 2014-08-23

This mod increases the range of the silo by 20% and the fertilizer building by 50%

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Special thanks to mr-tom for requesting the mod and to keeda for helping with its development.

    This mod increases the range of the silo by 20% and the fertilizer building by 50%
    + It also decreases the required level of freight near the buildings by 15%
    + To balance the mod, the upkeep cost of silos has been increased by 20%, and the upkeep of fertilizer has been increased by 50%
    + The number of required workers has also been increased so they can keep up with distributing the recourses over the new wider range

    v2.00: 22/01/2011
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):