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CJ Tachouda

city under construction

  1. yandzz
    This is Tachouda, at the beginning, it was just a small administrative town, but to meet the needs of the population, the city grows and begins to have massive infrastructure like the airport, the harbor, and a highway network.
    And the mayor also decided to give a name to the city through sport. Many stadiums and complexs was build for it.

    The old town and the city center:
    gamescreen0016.jpg gamescreen0018.jpg gamescreen0025.jpg

    Historical Museum of Tachouda and Central park Parks:
    gamescreen0019.jpg gamescreen0021.jpg gamescreen0023.jpg gamescreen0024.jpg

    sports complex of Tachouda:
    gamescreen0031.jpg gamescreen0030.jpg

    business district:
    gamescreen0047.jpg gamescreen0046.jpg gamescreen0043.jpg

    The harbor and industrial area:
    gamescreen0027.jpg gamescreen0028.jpg gamescreen0042.jpg

    Tachouda International Airport:
    gamescreen0034.jpg gamescreen0033.jpg gamescreen0035.jpg gamescreen0032.jpg

    gamescreen0007.jpg gamescreen0008.jpg gamescreen0009.jpg

    highway interchanges:
    gamescreen0050.jpg gamescreen0051.jpg gamescreen0052.jpg gamescreen0053.jpg gamescreen0055.jpg

    Aerial vews:
    gamescreen0006.jpg gamescreen0015.jpg gamescreen0026.jpg

    The city is under construction !
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Recent Reviews

  1. Grisou
    Realistic city, especially the airport and the port, and parks are so beautiful
  2. William Conquest
    William Conquest
    From what I can see here, I am blown away. When this city is complete it will be a masterpiece. You truly are an artist. The gardens, harbors and city street structure is probably some of the best I have ever seen. Can't wait to see the final product. Best of luck on completing it.
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      thank you very much, more pics soon
  3. Denza
    Dude... This is just.... I dont know what to say.. Im speechless :D
    I admire to you, I must admit that! :D
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      thank you
  4. Artmaster
    This is extremely detailed...I love the landscaping. It's awesome. I do have a few things I might suggest however. A few of these suggestions are my own taste, but perhaps you will find them beneficial.

    1. When I noticed how beautifully you designed the small peninsula shooting from the 'capitol' building, I wondered why you didn't try to expand on the stadium path ways the same way with pedestrian paths going in the same direction...it would cut into your parking lots somewhat, but you may have continued its organic form to match its landscaping better.

    2. Your city looks fantastic, but the repetition of buildings in some places seems overwhelming. The solution in my mind is simple, but tedious. With your superb landscaping eye you could create unique arrangements around buildings that repeat often to give the impression that they're not all the same. I know it's hard because they're are only so many buildings in the game, but what I do is look at where I can place more parking lots and textures to change up long rows of buildings that start to look too unrealistic.

    Otherwise can't wait to see it grow!
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      quite right, I think the area between the Capitol and City Hall is a bit repetitive. For expanding the path from peninsula to the stadium, I left the water canal for the marina. Thank you for your good suggestions.
  5. Josephlonde
    I like it, I really like
    1. yandzz
  6. pingyao
    Very cool start. I am seriously impressed by the urban planning and zoning of areas with every detail considered. You parks are also very inspyring, I'll have to try one myself. Look forward to seeing how this develops.
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      thank you
  7. Inan
    This is a very very high quality airport! :-O
    I wish i could build such airports! Also your HW interchanges look great, even though i'm not a fan of those red plants beside.
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      thank's ,I put the red plant on the side of the highway to avoid the bugs with the ground, maybe I can diversify with other plants or tree
  8. Raynor
    That airport looks awesome! And the highway sistem is top notch^^ Waiting for more pics.

    Dem interchanges..
    1. yandzz
  9. verners123
    this is beautiful!
    1. yandzz