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Maps Twin Peaks Island! 1.1

A nice island Great for resorts!

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: PlayTime is the original author of this mod.

    Here it is, my second map not to bad for being a second map i wanted to build a beach and got it right, Also this map will not overite none of your existing maps, it will create another one to your Current maps and of course could not doit without TheFunkymonks awsome tips since hes the master map builder hehe, hope you guys like it and enjoy!
    UPDATED TO 1.1 Workable beach houses on the water everywhere where theres water! ALSO at the beggening it ask for building a harbor before was asking to build a road.. duh its an island and now is working with the harbor. PLEASE if you have version 1.0 delete it and replace it with 1.1
    All Resourse are at max!
    Water 3
    Oil 3
    Farms 3
    Holidays 3

    656crq.jpg 2ds1ctl.jpg 2urxwrp.jpg

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