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General WASD Pan/Rotate Camera v2.00

AutoHotKey is a powerful scripting utility for Windows.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    By request.

    You will need the Auto Hot Key utility, available here for this to work. NOTE: If you prefer not to download and install the AHK standalone utility so you can script other stuff, you can use the executable version of this script, available from user Daniwesnl, here.

    AutoHotKey is a powerful scripting utility for Windows. Use it for all kinds of joyful things, including this requested feature.

    If you prefer to use the WASD keys instead of the arrow keys to pan your view while playing cities, you can do so by remapping the arrow keys to the WASD keys on your keyboard. Remapping keys can be done with a registry edit, but if you do that, you will have to put up with arrow keys for your WASD keys in every application.

    Instead, install the teeny tiny AutoHotKey utility (every good hacker should have it), and either use this as your default script file or just open it up with notepad and copy the contents.

    It will send arrow keys instead of your WASD keys only when the Cities XL window is open... I hope. It may end up doing it with another application, but I have not had that problem yet. If you should find that it does, I can find a way to fix that. Just let me know.

    Note that ctrl-WASD will then rotate and tilt your view, too.

    lol... ALSO... you'll want to pause the script to name cities or delete cities, if you intend to use the WASD keys. [​IMG] To do that, you just go to the AHK utility via the icon in your system tray, right click and select Suspend Hotkeys. You can turn it back on as easily.

    With Version 2.0 you can use the scroll lock button to turn the remapping on and off at will.

    Technical details:
    The script remaps the keyboard strokes sent to anything with an ahk_class of CUClassName, which arguably could be other stuff, but I don't know what. So far, nothing on my PC. I have the script running on my machine right now, and have since I created it, but it so far only sends arrow keys for my WASD keys when I'm playing cities.

    Any further questions, please feel free to ask!
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
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