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Maps Yurlinsky District, Russia .

3 XXL city area maps from Yurlinsky District, Russia

  1. ronrn
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    As requested:
    3 XXL city area maps from Yurlinsky District, Russia
    Chugaynov Khutor

    *These maps will only work in Cities XXL(2015) and the Community Mod is required.

    -These maps depict areas specific to the reference images provided with the request.
    -The rivers have been widened from the real map (approx.) 15 meters to a game relative 30 meters.
    -Easy play flat terrain.
    -Full resources.
    oo1.jpg oo2.jpg oo3.jpg oo4.jpg oo5.jpg oo6.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lokentaz
    Version: .
    Cool maps pack. Thanks.
  2. secpol
    Version: .
    А мне нравятся плоские ландшафты, особенно с небольшими узкими речками, не через все города протекают сверх широкие реки.
    Да и хочу добавить, здесь никто донат не клянчит, не нравиться идите в жопу, мои хорошие)
  3. gm624
    Version: .
    You make many many maps...I feel obligated to 5/5 for that alone.
  4. Przyski
    Version: .
    There's an "anonymous" coward rating you 1 star. You have always provided great maps and taken requests and don't deserve this.
    1. ronrn
      Author's Response
      Thank you, and everyone, for the ratings and nice comments.
      Let us remember that all opinions are welcome.
  5. nick.
    Version: .
    Ronrn спасибо! очень рад новым картам, нравиться культурная история этих мест.
  6. Anonymous
    Version: .
    Maps all look the same
    1. ronrn
      Author's Response
      Thank you for taking the time to review this resource.