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How To Log In Simcitychina 教你加入模拟城市中文网

Discussion in '中文论坛' started by XOUSTE, Feb 14, 2015.


    XOUSTE Governor

    Feb 1, 2015
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    Now,i will help you log in SCCN (simcitychina)
    First of all, don't worry about your Chinese friends weather they know English .Every one in China today gets a lot of opportunities to learn English even if you're a 7-year-old child. Of course, no all of them.:b10:

    well, this is a picture of SCCN , pay your attention to the upper right corner:

    Click here for Registration.


    Then you will reach this interface.


    Now enter your personal information.

    ATTENTION: the key of verification is 5 English uppercase letter: MAXIS


    Finished this step, now you can download anything you want in SCCN.


    OK,that's all. i hope this could be helpful for everyone who doesnt know Chinese but really want to login SCCN. Maybe there are some mistakes in grammar but i will try my best to improve it!


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