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Buildings Lisbon Pack

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by riscoo, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. riscoo

    riscoo Skilled Worker

    Dec 28, 2014
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    These are some beautiful buildings, in my opinion, located in Lisbon, Portugal! I would like a lot to see these buildings in Cities XXL game, i think they will make our cities more beautiful than they are! My skills for modding are null, so i ask you, modders, if you could make these buildings :)
    I´m sorry if my english is bad, I´m portuguese hehe :)

    Basílica da Estrela - Religious Temple
    Basilida-da-Estrela-Lisboa.jpg basilica-da-estrela.jpg

    Gare do Oriente - Train Station

    lxi-2446-02.jpg 3710003.jpg

    Centro Comercial Colombo - Shopping Center
    imagesg.jpg images.jpg

    Dolce Vita Monumental - Shopping Center

    VIP Execute Art´s Hotel - Hotel
    vip-arts.jpg slide-39.jpg

    Edifício Heron Castilho - Office heron castillo.jpg

    Palácio da Foz - Palace 1-palcio1_1.jpg

    Torre Vasco da Gama - Leisure waterevolution_31-960x540.jpg Campus de Justiça - Justice 136365870.VLUREcrh.jpg 136380267.ovFgJrHo.jpg

    Your Lisbon Home - Residential Building 57118538.jpg 57119094.jpg

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