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Maps Map Requests

Discussion in 'Maps' started by sadiemydog, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. sadiemydog

    sadiemydog Executive

    Nov 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    The Netherlands Map Pack
    -Maasvlakte/Europort Harbour
    -Rotterdam, The Netherlands (repost, it was on the old XLNation)
    Phillipine Map
    -Cagayan De Oro
    Island Map
    part 1

    -Nusa Barung, Indonesia
    -Auckland Islands, New Zealand
    -Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory
    -Late, Tonga
    -Ofu/Olosega, Amerikaans Samoa
    -Henderson Island, Pictairn Islands
    part 2
    -Whale Cay/Bird Key/Little Whale Cay, Bahamas
    -Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles
    -Santorini, Greece
    -Tofua, Tonga
    -Hiti, French Polynesia
    -Îles Des Saintes, Guadaloupe
    part 3
    -Anholt, Denmark
    -Isla Turón, Mexico
    -Palmyra Attol
    -Mago Island, Fiji
    -Fakahina, French Polynesia
    -Puka Puka, French Polynesia
    -Kuroshima, Taketomi, Yaeyama District, Okinawa
    -Malé, Maldives and various real and fictional small surrounding islands
    -Nikumaroro Island, Kiribati

    Other Maps
    -Denpasar, Indonesia
    -Paramaribo, Suriname
    -The Montenegran Fjord
    -Mellerud, Sweden
    -Gdynia, Poland
    -Muharraq/Manama, Bahrain
    -Mombassa, Kenya
    -Belfast, Northern-Ireland
    -Beiroet, Lebanon
    -A map of the world in mini
    -A map of The Netherlands in mini

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