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Buildings Mega Store Pack 2012

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by Nick97, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Nick97

    Nick97 Executive

    Sep 7, 2014
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    Retail Store:
    - Save On Foods
    - Safeway
    - Costco Warehouse Download Model
    - Future Shop
    - EB Games
    - Game Stop
    - Price Smart NO Model Yet?
    - XL Cargo
    - XS Cargo
    - Apple Store
    Download Model
    - Mark's Work Warehouse Download Model

    - McDonald Download Model
    - Chinese restaurant Download Model
    - Chili's restaurant Download Model or Download Model
    - Starbucks Download Model
    - Burger King Download Model

    Pet Store:
    - Mr. Pets
    - Pet Smart
    - village valley

    There Are No Image For All Of The Buildings

    Work Also With
    - Cities XL
    - Cities XXL
    - Cities XL 2011
    - Cities XL 2012
    - Cities Skyline
    - Cities XL Platinum

    I Need Help Building The Mod For Everyone To Use

    House Model Download Model

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