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Buildings Modular buildings/floors/windows/balconies/styles

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by brendonwright1989, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. brendonwright1989

    brendonwright1989 Executive

    Aug 26, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hey ALL!

    Not long ago there was some discussion & a few posts of modular buildings/floors etc. There are a few additions in the game that can create some buildings. After playing around with them, one can make some really cool custom unique buildings which I think we can all agree is definitely awesome.

    I cannot mod, and it seems those that were doing these projects havent' been active or aren't pursuing this anymore. Is there anyone prepared to continue doing something like this.

    - Modular floors, modular balconies with railings/glass
    - Different styles of modular windows, residential in particular, different colours,
    - Different types of rooftops
    - Different types of bases, could be commercial oreitnated with shops/ could be just residential

    We have plazas, trees & other ploppables that complete the surrounds, but limited to the actual buildings themselves. Perhaps similar to the palisades pack, a 30, 60 and standard orientation could be used.

    This will be a game changer, some mods, while fantastic, are either too high, too short, or don't fit with your current projects. Sometimes in other countries mods don't suit - for example European vs American styles.

    What do you think, is anyone working on this or would love to give it a go?
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