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Official Floro Map Contest Submissions 2017

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by Mr.X², Sep 14, 2017.

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  1. Mr.X²

    Mr.X² Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    City Builders may submit up to 10 individual photos (no combining photos into a montage) for consideration in the contest. Only one entry per person. Entries must be posted before November 1, 2017.


    Post your submissions early. Dont wait for last minute. If you want to update or replace your entry you can do this every time. Just create a new post with your submission. We will delete your previous one as soon as we notice.


    • Maximum of 10 photos per entry (no combining photos into a montage)
    • If you're participating with CSL, an extra photo (+1) must proove you built within the CXL-Map limits
    • Maximum of 2mb per photo (no restrictions in their resolution! Keep in mind viewability for users!)
    • All photos must be uploaded dicrectly to XLN (No third party hosting services!). You can also upload them to media galery and link them here.
    • Do not use spoilers or thumbnails!
    • Entries need to include the name of your city. Also feel free to write a short(!) introduction and/or which category you hope to win
    Other things:
    • Only official submissions will be accepted in this thread, every other content will be removed without any comment. For discussions please go here:
      Floro Map, City Building Contest August 2017
    • If you want to update or replace your entry just create a new post. We will delete your previous entry as soon as we notice.
    • This thread will be closed during November 1, 2017 (UTC). So post early! Last full day will be 31th October!

    On November 1, 2017, a poll with the official entries will open.
    The XLNation community will vote for their 3 favorite cities. The Top 3 Winners will receive a unique medal and 15/10/5 Trophy points. When the poll opens, comments from the XLNation Community are encouraged. Cheer on your favorites or campaign for a winner. Any photos submitted after the poll opens will be deleted!

    Category Winners will be judged by a panel of 5 city building fans. Winners will receive a unique medal and 10 Trophy points. There is one winner per category. All winners will be announced when the poll officially closes.

    Here are the categories:
    • Best rural or farm region
    • Best "Green" City
    • Best "Industrial" City
    • Best RHM interchanges and highways
    • Best Parks and Plazas
    • Best realistic City
    • Best futuristic City
    • Best Vacation City
    • Best "Historical" City
    • Best "Commercial" City
    • Best Looking Skyline
    • Best Looking Harbor
    • Best Looking Airport
    • Best Looking Rail Networks and Stations
    Good Luck everyone. Official Entries will be accepted until November 1, 2017
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  2. Project_Oz

    Project_Oz Mayor

    Aug 30, 2014
    Likes Received:
    NOK with less empty area

    15.jpg 11.jpg 6.jpg 4.jpg 16.jpg 9.jpg 3.jpg
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  3. Drazicdesign

    Drazicdesign Governor

    Aug 24, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hello Everyone,

    I present the city of KENT, located north-east of the united states of america, between New York and the city of Montreal at canda,
    It has a little more than 500000 souls,
    Originally derives its name from one of the English Colonnais tribes, the Cantiaci.

    A major historical, cultural and artistic center in the United States, Kent is also a major industrial city, with the location of its port on the Utave River flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

    Founded in 1568, it was the eighteenth century the most populous city of the thirteen colonies before becoming for a time the capital of the United States and fuel for a few decades the financial and political rivalry between New York and Kent, before to be overshadowed by his rival and then lose his status as capital to Washington.

    Kent is now the largest metropolis in the state of Pennsylvania, whose capital is Harrisburg, but also the county seat of Kent.

    Also, Kent International Airport, is the largest airport in the state of Pennsylvania and in the Utave Valley, lies about 9 kilometers southwest of downtown KENT. In 2014, KENT International Airport served 15.6 million passengers. The airport has three terminals and two runways. In total, about 15 airlines operate flights between Kent and 110 destinations. This includes 30 international destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe and the Middle East. There are several means of public transportation in KENT including the KMT Monorail line that connects the airport with downtown Kent, as well as several KMT bus lines.

    The city participates in all the following categories:
    • Best "Industrial" City
    • Best RHM interchanges and highways
    • Best Parks and Plazas
    • Best realistic City
    • Best futuristic City
    • Best Vacation City
    • Best "Historical" City
    • Best "Commercial" City
    • Best Looking Skyline
    • Best Looking Harbor
    • Best Looking Airport
    • Best Looking Rail Networks and Stations
    I thank you in advance for your welcome, and I hope that this city will meet your expectations,

    1/General View of KENT City

    2/ Center Sport and Highway interchange01

    3/ City Skyline1

    4/ Highway interchange02

    5/ Commercial zone

    6/ Good Station and Sand and gravel plant

    7/Central Square Of Kent

    8/ City Skilyne 02

    Central Station Of Kent

    10/ International Aiport of Kent

    Thank You,
  4. Clemech4

    Clemech4 Ambasidor

    Aug 24, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to Tsimarza,
    This is a small medieval town located on a big lake with a lot of islands. The forest covers a major part of the territory, tourism is very developed thanks to the historical heritage. The region has known a lot of wars between lordships during Middle-Age, that's why many castles were built. Tsimarza became more and more powerful with regard to the other villages or towns and could unify the region and form a little kingdom which is finally conquered by a bigger neighbouring country in the 16th century. The city grew up a lot during industrial area but now the branch of industry is in decline.


    Walled town of Tsimarza.



    Commercial area built instead of former factories and Tsimarza Maze.

    Czernasztajn castle.

    Czernasztajn, a former industrial village.


    Hravani, especially known for its jail.

    Possible categories to win:
    • Best rural or farm region
    • Best "Green" City
    • Best "Industrial" City
    • Best Parks and Plazas
    • Best realistic City
    • Best "Historical" City
    • Best "Commercial" City

    I hope you'll like it and good luck everyone !
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  5. Kitsunebi

    Kitsunebi Governor

    Aug 27, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Well then, may I present my humble submission: SEYONG!

    Seyong is a port city of a Korean-like nation. It is a trading, industrial, and market city with lots of historical places, but at the same time very modern...

    Total view of the city
    Seyong 01.jpg
    Industrial/port area and city center
    Seyong 02.jpg
    Night view of one of the city's old waterways
    Seyong 03.jpg
    Seyong Castle seen from the Old Town's historical market
    Seyong 04.jpg
    Seyong Central Station at night
    Seyong 05.jpg
    Seyong Central Station track field
    Seyong 06.jpg
    The city's traditional fish market
    Seyong 07.jpg
    The old town of Dongsam - now popular tourist spot of the city
    Seyong 08.jpg
    Amusement park in the middle of the city, next to the city hall
    Seyong 09.jpg
    And finally the town of Hanam, located south-east of Seyong
    Seyong 10.jpg

    This entry could be a winner for:
    • Best "Green" City
    • Best realistic City
    • Best "Historical" City
    • Best "Commercial" City
    • Best Looking Skyline
    • Best Looking Harbor
    • Best Looking Rail Networks and Stations
    ...and 1st place, of course :LOL:
    Good luck to everyone! Love your cities! :)
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  6. Jotaere

    Jotaere Mayor

    Oct 31, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Puerto Flores is a city located in a small archipelago located south of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a small city, but in constant growth, especially driven by the constant industrial and commercial growth.
    Founded in 1976, as an alternative port and passage of products from Africa and Asia, to South America, the city received immigrants from all three continents, accentuating the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, which gave way to a series of festivals both popular and religious, which have made it a tourist destination of general interest.
    The industrial and commercial port has grown so much that it has attracted investors from all over the world to the city. Recently a new agreement has been signed to expand the tourist port, because the current government intends to turn this sector into the base of the economy of the archipelago, with a projection towards the future.

    1. The Central Park

    2. Industrial and commercial port and the skyline of the main island

    3. Industrial park B, behind the main seaport

    4. Park of cultural diversity

    5. The CBD of the main island, in the lower left, the industrial park A, and the two largest social housing initiatives in the city, to the right

    6. The administrative and political center of the city, upwards, and the area of leisure activities, down in night photography. The National Sports Center appears down and to the right.

    7. The most important residential zone of the city and, downwards and to the left, the satellite control facilities.

    8. Puerto Flores international airport PUERTOFLORES16.jpg

    9. Commercial seaport C and a part of the Industrial Park D, to the right.

    10. Isla Pequeña, where the National Stadium and the immigrant heritage park are located, with two large museums and the first port dedicated exclusively to recreational and tourist activities. PUERTOFLORES21.jpg

    Thank you, and good luck to all.
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  7. giorgoselsedai

    giorgoselsedai Governor

    Aug 24, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to the the Japanese perfecture called Sendai, a vast city built across a southern coast enriched with many artificial islands...!!! Enjoy...!!!

    Every time i build a new city i try new things. This time i used a really different way to aply the highway. What do you think?

    A closer look. Driving ahead downtown.

    A " T " intersection, delicious like a T-bone stake.

    Beautifull view downtown, in the main metropolitan area.

    Just a little bit further,,,

    One of the many, many, many marinas of the city...

    Marinas, theme parks, ports and more...

    Marinas and sweet towers...

    Aaaahhh... i live for pictures like that.. thats my style...!!! Thank you... God bless you all...!!!

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