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Featured Official Saint Martin Island Map Contest Submissions 2016

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by IcyHot, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. IcyHot

    IcyHot Administrator
    Staff Member

    Aug 20, 2014
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    City Builders may submit up to 10 individual photos (no combining photos into a montage) for consideration in the contest. Only one entry per person. Entries must be posted before October 31, 2016.

    Please DO NOT post Mega Screenshots, not everyone has Fiber into their homes.

    • Only posts with official photo submissions are allowed. Any other comments or replies will be deleted from this thread. (If you want to talk about submissions pick a new thread)
    • Entries in the Contest need to include the name of your City and if you desire a "pitch" about why your city is the best or what category you hope to win.
    • If you want to update and or replace your Official Entry prior to the end of October 2016 please contact me or a moderator to have your older post removed. We want to avoid confusion with multiple entries.
    On November 1, 2016, a poll with the official entries will open. The XLNation community will vote for their 3 favorite cities. The Top 3 Winners will receive a unique medal and 15/10/5 Trophy points. When the poll opens, comments from the XLNation Community are encouraged. Cheer on your favorites or campaign for a winner. Any photos submitted after the poll opens will be deleted!

    Category Winners will be judged by a panel of 5 city building fans. Winners will receive a unique medal and 10 Trophy points. There is one winner per category. All winners will be announced when the poll officially closes.

    Here are the categories:
    • Best rural or farm region
    • Best "Green" City
    • Best "Industrial" City
    • Best RHM interchanges and highways
    • Best Parks and Plazas
    • Best realistic City
    • Best futuristic City
    • Best Vacation City
    • Best "Historical" City
    • Best "Commercial" City
    • Best Looking Skyline
    • Best Looking Harbor
    • Best Looking Airport
    • Best Looking Rail Networks and Stations
    Good Luck everyone. Official Entries will be accepted until October 31, 2016
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  2. ovarz

    ovarz Governor

    Aug 30, 2014
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    welcome to

    Batik is a global city and sovereign state in Southeast Asia and the world's only island city-state. It lies one degree (137 km) north of the equator, south of the southernmost tip of continental Asia and Minangkabau peninsula, with seribu archipelago Islands to the south.

    Batik Island

    Aerial View of Batik Island

    Batik CBD

    Batik Airport

    Dukuh Atas District

    Sarinah District

    Simprug Golf Course

    View from Vegas Center

    Batik Port
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    XOUSTE Governor

    Feb 1, 2015
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    All the skyscrapers , all the green parks,all the big ports in the city enrich the whole Saint Martin island,makes it futuristic and fantastic.Skye city is somewhere you can find a wonderful city living,large shopping centers, shopping districts and gardens all around the city residences.
    Although there are only ten pictures of this city,skye is more beautiful than these ,i can't wait to show more of the details of skye !

    Welcome to Skye city ,hope you enjoy it!

    0 (5).jpg

    0 (7).jpg

    0 (11).jpg

    0 (6).jpg

    0 (9).jpg

    0 (8).jpg

    0 (14).jpg

    0 (10).jpg

    0 (17).jpg

    0 (12).jpg
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  4. needspeed17

    needspeed17 Executive

    Aug 11, 2015
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    hi,everybody,this is my new city.hope you can enjoy it. cxl_screenshot_san los fu_1.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_3.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_11.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_16.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_23.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_26.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_34.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_39.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_50.jpg cxl_screenshot_san los fu_440.jpg
  5. Jotape

    Jotape Executive

    May 12, 2015
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    Alcanena Island
    The pearl of Atlantic Ocean
    Alcanena is a portuguese island next to Madeira Archipelago. It is famous for its luxury hotels, resorts, beaches, monuments and fantastic olive oil and wine quality. The average sea temperature is 24.5ºC and air temperature is 26ºC.


    The island's capital is Alcanena City and is a historical and touristic city. Alcanena City is the biggest city of the island. Here you can see the heart of the city that has the Cathedral of Santa Bárbara, the university of Alcanena and a luxury and modern 5 star hotel under construction.


    The market May 5th is very famous because of the great quality of the goods that are sold at a very good price in this market. Inside the market is the Antique Theater of Alcanena. On the roundabout is the Monument of the Independence.

    This is the "Rossio" or "Praça da República" (main square of Alcanena City). At the right is the city hall and behind the city hall is located the Castle of Alcanena. The castle's garden has hundreds of different species of exotic plants.

    The Alcanena Island has been classified as a Mediterranean Climate. Sometimes there is some storms. Here you can see the walls of Alcanena City (90% are still standing) and the Main Gate.

    Around the island there are many vineyards and olive plantations. Their exportations and the tourism are the engine of the economy of Alcanena Island. On the top of the hill is Alcanena City.


    Alva City is a touristic city and is well-know for its fantastic beaches, hotels, resorts, marina and cheap prices. Alva City has many high-rise, hotels and resorts. The tallest buildings from Portugal are located in this city. At the left you can see a small part of Alva's historic centre and the Cathedral of Santa Bárbara from Alcanena City.

    Alva City has a small and cozy historic centre. Here you can see the city hall at the right.

    This is the "Praça da República" (main square of Alva City). At the left is the Maritime Museum of Alva and at the right is the city hall.

    One of the famous beaches of Alva. All beaches have gold and blue flag. Alcanena Island receives more than three hundred thousand tourists on every Summer. You can see on top of the hill Alcanena City (behind Alva City).

    Some hotels, resorts and holidays apartments. Many of them have big swimming pools.
    I hope you enjoyed these cities!
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  6. nicknick

    nicknick Elite

    Sep 19, 2014
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    The island of Saint Catherine ( Fr: l'île de Sainte-Catherine ) is located in the Mediterannean Sea, out of the French mainland.
    The island has been inhabited by the Romans and the Roman Citadel is the only trace of their presence.
    In 1,150 AD, the Catholic Monastery of Sainte-Catherine was built.
    The monastery had a population of 600 people at its time and it was then when the production of the famous Catherinettes wine started.

    General view of the East Coast

    The Monastery of Saint Catherine and the town's peninsula


    During the reign of Louis XIV a summer Mansion for the Emperor was built and the following decades the island's population quadrupled.
    At this time the production of the famous wine got systematic and the island attracted wealthy families.

    Nowadays the town sprawls around the Summer Palace and expands to the North where a small commercial port has been built in the 1940's and to the West into the island's Western farmlands.

    The Town of Saint Catherine

    The Marina and the Festival of the Catherinettes

    The West Gate and the Palace Hill

    The seaport and the Cruise Terminal

    The Northern Farmlands and the airport

    The Western farmlands and the town's suburbs


    While the island's East coast is occupied by the main town and the seaport zone, the entire West coast, around the Lagoon is a protected Natural Habitat and another source of revenue for the island. Large areas of this side of the island are completely protected and any building is prohibited. Access to this part is possible either by the sea or by small farm roads.

    The Natural Habitat

    The Natural Habitat is one of the 4 big National Parks existing in Southern France and a home for flora and fauna of the area. Two of the beaches in the Habitat are egg laying areas for Caretta-caretta Turtles while the Habitat is also the home for the last remaining couple of Mediterannean Eagles. You can read more about the Habitat here: Parc National de Port Cros

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  7. yu450146219

    yu450146219 Unskilled Worker

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Pearl City is located in the central and southern part of the Pacific Ocean, is a beautiful and rich island city. The total is divided into three zones, Xiushui District, Nghe An area, Wei Rong district. Although the population is only about 400 thousand hot, but a highly developed areas. Here together with the MTR Airport Ferry Port Transportation, travel is very convenient! The area is located in the scenic area and the municipal government, Yi Road No. 100. Pearl Institute of technology is located in the central part of the island, in the world is also quite near the top of the!

    QQ图片20161019085650.png 绘图2.jpg QQ图片20161019085741.png QQ图片20161019085759.png QQ图片20161019085849.png QQ图片20161019085911.png QQ图片20161019085824.png gamescreen01.jpg gamescreen00041_副本.jpg QQ图片20161019085608.png

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