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Transportation Parallel Lanes Mod And Other

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Moddern, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Moddern

    Moddern Vagabond

    Sep 6, 2014
    Likes Received:
    after playing the game for some time I'm thirsty some helpful and important transportation mods. I was searching for them but with no results. Probably other players were also seeking some of the undermentioned. If any of these mods already exists, please write herein the address. :)
    1. Parallel lanes mod
    I really admire RHM but during the game I found lack of a simple tool really frustrating, especially while building tunnels and overpasses. Therefore I am requesting a little mod that will make possible to build parallel lanes in the same or the opposite direction so that it will take much less time and effort to construct dream highways. It would be also nice if there was`an option to set the distance between the lanes.
    2. Overlapping ground fix
    This annoys me because it happens very often, even on the nearly flat ground. One time overlapping ground appears only when looking from a bigger distance, sometimes when I'm close to the object and sometimes in both view modes. The situation happens rather on roads and in tunnels, but may also occur on buildings and plazas. I ask if anyone is able to solve the issue with a fix pack.
    3. Designer underground station entrance
    These entrances are located in Warsaw, Poland on seven brand new underground stations. The 'butterflies' have different colours and are really headline-grabbing. Just a small detail that can change totally neighbourhood character.
    4. One-way tram track
    In many cities trams change direction using loop. To make this real, one-way tram track is essential. I think that some interchanges like incoming and outcoming track, separation of two-way track into two one-way should be included too. And, of course, it would be pleasure if the interchanges were animated.

    I have many more ideas but it's enough for this post. There are 4 requests so I ask you to write the number of the mod request you are discussing.

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