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Round 2:

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by royb 98, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. royb 98

    royb 98 Elite

    Aug 24, 2014
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    Well, here are the new round objectives. Not everyone has finished the first round yet but we decided to give you the new objectives anyway so you can continue when you have. Because some changes are planned concerning the gameplay, some things may change. We'll keep you informed.

    Cities are setting up secondary needs and they are trying to distinguish themselves from other cities. At the moment, there are enough homes for everybody but the economy still relies on the resources delivered from earth. More and more farms and factories are built to make the countries on Alpha Centauri independent from earth's resources.

    • Your city can have a maximum of 200.000 inhabitants.
    • You may only use office towers lower than 150 meters.
    • You are free to use RHM, but keep the progress realistic.

    Everyone: "Most popular"
    There are enough homes at the moment and people are more and more demanding. The nicest city will get a reward.
    • You may submit 2 random photos to promote your city. Photo-editing is not allowed.
    • It's up to you to choose a spot.

    A "1"-marked landmark.

    Everyone: "Productive"
    Countries on Alpha Centauri are trying to be more self-sufficient and produce enough goods to be independent from earth.
    • You can choose to make an industrial area or an agricultural area. That means that there are 2 winners.
    • You can of course build both but only one will count.
    • Be creative. You are allowed to make a harbor in addition and you can use the RHM, for example.
    • You may only submit one photo. Photo-editing is not allowed.
    A "2"-marked office tower at choice.

    One person per country: "Going green"

    There is enough space left to create some space (?). Decorate your city with a nice park.
    • Use anything you want, except the columns.
    • It should be a big green park.
    • You may submit 2 photos. Photo-editing is not allowed.
    A column at choice (Victory Column, Washington Monument etc.).
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  2. Pamascus27

    Pamascus27 Mayor

    Aug 21, 2014
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    Ohh nice! :D

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