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Rules: Country Governance - General Principles

Discussion in 'Countries XL Information' started by Dreian, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Dreian

    Dreian Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 24, 2014
    Likes Received:
    1. Size of a country: number of players per country

    A country is automatically created as soon as a 5 players decide to join efforts and work together in order to develop their cities in the gameplay of their choice.

    We are flexible on the minimum & maximum numbers regarding how many XLN members will participate (3 would be a minimum though)

    2. National identity

    The national identity of the country and the way it will be reflected in game & in forum is up to the decisions of players.

    Some may want to use same architecture styles, some may want to specialize cities... Be creative, there are no restrictions in how to differentiate your country from others.

    3. Number of cities per players

    At this point each player is responsible for the development of one city.
    The number of cities under management of each player may evolve in later rounds.

    This part can be updated in time

    4. Creation of a Country Journal

    The country journal can be created as soon as players agree on the member who will be responsible for updating the journal, and the first president election processed.

    5. Country governance

    A country is ruled (by default) by the democracy principle: each player’s voice equals one vote.

    If a country would like, as part of their role play, to define another kind of governance, then it should be done under the agreement of all players of the country while the process of governance should be shared with the whole community for more transparency and avoid any further conflicts between players.

    This part can be updated in time

    6. Election of the first president

    After the country has been created, and the "introduction round" objectives presented, players of a country will define a team strategy & publish in their country thread a small overview of what they are planning.

    When having completed "in-game" this "introduction round", each player will publish 3 images of its city.

    Based on that pictures & on the adequation with the strategy presented by the country, the first president election will be held.

    This will be a vote held "externally", meaning "members of a country will not vote for their president, but only in elections of other countries".
    • Example: If we have 5 countries (Country A- B- C- D- E). The first president for Country A will be elected by members of B,C,D,E countries.

    The country's capital:

    The city managed by the first elected president will be named "Capital" of the country.

    The capital of the country is a definitive choice and will impact each country's gameplay with features that can be built in it. It does not mean that it will be a better city than the others (keep in mind the comparison between Washington D.C. & New York/ Los Angeles for example...)

    A country's capital could change only if the owner of the capital becomes unactive or leaves the project.

    7. Regular elections (from stage2):
    • Only players of the country can vote for the president.
    • Players can’t vote for themselves.
    • There should be a minimum of two candidates for the President vote.
    • A President is elected for a definite period of time: one stage.
    • A president can be reelected only once in a row (2 consecutive mandates).
    • Voting is done in a public way in the appropriate thread of each country subforums
    • An election campaign can be held in order to allow each candidate to present his major lines of its program for the country
    This part can be updated in time

    8. Duties of a president & internal affairs

    The president is responsible for the development strategy of his country during one stage. He makes sure that the governors of the other cities are complying to the rounds objectives as well as the country's strategy.

    It is up to each country & players to name other ministers or create governmental institutions in order to enrich their gameplay with elements of roleplay and provide their cities with dedicated features.

    If a conflict between players of same country occurs, then refer to the rules part about "regulating tensions between players" (to be added soon).

    This part can be updated in time.

    9. External affairs, relations with other countries

    To be defined in time, when first rounds have been organized.

    Refer also to the International Voting system & non governmental institutions

    This part can be updated in time.
  2. Peter912

    Peter912 Elite

    Aug 22, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Wow awesome, pretty much looking forward:D
  3. kipate

    kipate Governor

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I would just like to emphasize that players
    should all be able to handle possible
    conflicts internally, as long as
    no one gets offensive.

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