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Rules: Regulating Tensions Between Players Of A Country

Discussion in 'Countries XL Information' started by Dreian, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Dreian

    Dreian Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 24, 2014
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    With the project going on we would not like to see some tensions appearing between members a country, that is why we propose you the following procedure in order to regulate relations between players.

    Always keep in mind that an internal solution is preferable. If you create a team that is to work together, not to fight together.

    1. Inactivity of a member might lead to the exclusion of the member from a country if the remaining governors make the demand.
    • A member is declared inactive from the moment he’s not answering to moderation teams reminders (1 reminder per week during 4 weeks).
    • In case the inactive member comes back; his case will be examined by moderation team (who knows what can happen in the life of an individual)
    If you know you will not be able to be active during a certain time, warn your teammates. If you are president during that time, you have to delegate your powers to another player, with the agreement of all players.

    2. If internal mediation is not possible then ask for a neutral mediation from the Game’s moderation team

    If a compromise or reconciliation is not possible after neutral mediation, then the player concerned is dismissed from the nation.

    Several options can be proposed:
    • The player keeps his city & location on the world map and joins the Independent United Emirates – IUE-, a powerful coalition of independent cities with no geographical unity. A special gameplay would be written down for such Emirates, which could be a permanent or temporary till the player finds a new country to be member of.
    • The player keeps his city & location on the world map and joins another country as an « Overseas Territory », if his candidature is accepted by another country and there is room left for a new player (because of inactivity of a member..). A dedicated « overseas territory » gameplay might be written down.
    • The player abandon his city and starts a new map in another country of his choice, in accordance to the country’s possibility of having a new member + validation of Moderation Team
    • On the world map, all abandoned cities (player’s choice or inactivity will still be mentioned)... but with the mention of a « fantasy » tragic event explaining why this city is no longer inhabited (a hurricane destroyed the city, or a Volcano erupted... a Zombie epidemy killed all people...)

    This part may be updated

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