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Rules: Storyline & Timeline (stages / Rounds)

Discussion in 'Countries XL Information' started by Dreian, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Dreian

    Dreian Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 24, 2014
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    The storyline

    The Storyline will present you the events that are happening on Alpha Centauri and set the base of the world you will be evolving in.

    Through that storyline, we will be traveling in each countries & cities, creating fictional characters & organizations to make our world a living place. Who knows... maybe you will meet Monty o Toto in one of his adventures?

    The Timeline: Stages & Rounds

    To facilitate the organic evolution of the COUNTRIES XL world, the gameplay will be defined through major milestones – STAGES that are each divided by ROUNDS.

    Length & number of Stages & Rounds are decided by the Moderation Team in regard of the activity in forum and player creations in game. At this moment there are no intentions in fixing definite time limitations for those stages & rounds. We prefer to remain flexible & discuss with players the time needed to fulfill any objectives (if players participate actively rounds will go faster, if forum activity is slow then we will not rush anyone & wait a bit to allow you to participate at your own pace).

    During those different stages & rounds, some competitions will be proposed to players in order to win some unique landmarks & other bonuses for their cities (refer to contests part).

    At the start of each stage/round, the Moderation Team will announce the major guidelines to be followed by countries & players and what are the limits of what should be built or not.

    The guidelines will propose to all countries some major issues/ projects that needs to be discussed as a team and take the needed decisions to be reflected in game.

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