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Buildings The Buildings Of My Dreams

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by Vladimir RA108, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Vladimir RA108

    Vladimir RA108 Skilled Worker

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Probably a very pathetic head of the site, but these buildings I will include below are truly the things which I would like to have included into Cities XL. Both XL and XXL version would be appreciated, I use 2012.

    1. Moscow State University
    Moscow State University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This is the largest university building in Russia, and also the biggest and the most monumental of Seven Sisters, the seven high-risers which rose in Moscow under Stalin's rule. I'd be pleasant to see the place of my studying here! :)
    Suggested pack: Education
    2. Hotel Radisson Ukraina
    Seven Sisters (Moscow) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Another Sister, located on Kutuzovsky Avenue in Moscow, is one of the largest hotels of the Russian capital.
    Suggested pack: Business Hotels (I noticed a lack of them, Ukraina will definitely suit the Elites!)
    3. Latvian Academy of Sciences
    Latvian Academy of Sciences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A Stalinist building was erected in Riga, and currently serves as the headquarters of LAS. It was the first ever skyscraper in this Baltic state.
    Suggested pack: High Tech
    4. Kumsusan Kim Il-sung Palace
    Kumsusan Palace of the Sun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Palace, currently a resting place for the first North Korean leader Kim Il-sung, is just monumental. This is a very heavy, but also a powerful building, which maintains some Korean and some Soviet architectural elements, not analogous to any kind of XL's current stuff!
    Suggested pack: Landmarks
    5. Triumph Palace, Astana
    Triumf-Pałas – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
    Quite a new vision on Stalinist architecture, but yet retaining its principles, the Kazakhstani skyscraper was opened in 2006 as a residential building.
    Suggested pack: Housing Executives or Elites
    6. Medeu Stadium
    Medeu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I noticed a bad lack of several sporting facilities here, too. The Medeu is an open skating rink, a thing I have never seen in-game, and is well suited for mountainous landscapes.
    Suggested pack: Sports
    7. Any bobsleigh & luge track, like Koenigssee:
    Königssee bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Bobsleigh is also a sports I appreciate, but which is absent in CXL.
    Suggested pack: Sports
    8. MAZ, Minsk, Belarus
    Minsk Automobile Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I included the MAZ building because in-game industry lacks buildings which are really big. It;s unfortunately unsuitable for big countries. Those plants which produce automobiles, like MAZ, steel, vehicles, aircraft, must be placed on very big squares, despite the fact that therefore we will face limited square for citizens' residences.
    Suggested pack: Manufacturing T4, the more employees, the better.
    The same reason I upload for:
    9. Volzhsky Trubny Zavod, Volzhsky
    Волжский трубный завод — Википедия
    Suggested pack: Heavy Industry T4 or Manufacturing T4
    10. Kazan Organic Synthesis Plant
    Казаньоргсинтез — Википедия
    Suggested pack: Heavy Industry T4.
    11. Palace of the Soviets
    Palace of the Soviets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A stuff I became interested in, despite the fact it has never been built. I think it could be worth building, but not at the site of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - it could damage the view of Kremlin. But at the game, this model can become the greatest landmark of the whole city.
    Suggested pack: Landmarks
    12. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
    Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Built on the site of old Cathedral, now it's the largest Orthodox cathedral in Russia. There's an evidence that Orthodox Christians have much less churches to pray in CXL, so this is the solution maybe.
    Suggested pack: Landmarks

    This is all for now, I'll bring new ideas later.
    Thank you for your support,
    Vladimir RA108.
    Mario777 and Radiant Dawn like this.
  2. Radiant Dawn

    Radiant Dawn Elite

    Oct 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I also requested a lot of those Moscow buildings. Perhaps popular demand will motivate modders to make them? These requests in this request thread rarely ever if ever get fulfilled.
  3. Vladimir RA108

    Vladimir RA108 Skilled Worker

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Radiant Dawn,
    I have seen on your thread that you requested all the Sisters. Very pleased to see such :)
    BTW, new idea: 13. A Mid-Eastern bazaar, like this:
    Souq - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I think a well deserved addition, We have such a form of trading in Latin Pack, but this is quite more Mid-Eastern.
  4. Vladimir RA108

    Vladimir RA108 Skilled Worker

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    none seems to be interested :-(
    But there is a real trouble with industries. They aren't well diverse. Something like modular concept, as aitortilla01 made with airports, could be nicely useful.

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