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Traffic Settings: Mass Transit - Edition Express, Traffic Ordinance 1.1

Any Mass Transit - Express Edition

  1. Mr.X²

    Mr.X² Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Mr.X² submitted a new resource:

    Traffic Settings: Mass Transit - Edition Express, Traffic Ordinance - Any Mass Transit - Express Edition

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  2. fcgm12

    fcgm12 Unskilled Worker

    Sep 26, 2014
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    I've played with this Traffic Ordinance and I am not very happy with the result. You'll see, even though it says in the description that it gives headroom for cars and doesn't force citizens to use mass transit, I don't think it really is that way. I have a small city (800,000 inhabitants) and when I build bus terminals and create lines, they get crowded really fast, and EVERYONE uses public transport. I don't think this is very realistic because even the rich are using public transport. I tried creating a poor public transport system, but even though it takes them ages to get to work, they still won't use the car if they live near a bus stop.
    As I was unhappy with the mod, I decided to uninstall it. I deleted all buildings that had to do with the mod, and then I deleted the files from my Paks folder, but then the game started crashing. Did I do something wrong? Is this not how you're supposed to uninstall it?

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