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What Do You Think Of The Game So Far?

Discussion in 'General Forums' started by Bill LJ, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Bill LJ

    Bill LJ Unskilled Worker

    Sep 1, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hey guys,
    So I've seen the trailer and looked at the first dev diary on roads and it looks very promising so far. I really like the flexibility I saw with the highway interchanges and such. In fact, I liked almost everything about the roads. They seemed to have them covered. One thing I will say however is that I really really hope that the traffic simulator is more realistic than that of CXL. On CXL the game assumes that every single one of the 3.8 million or whatever people in my city go to work in exactly the same second. I end up finding that I need giant 3 lane expressways everywhere (like literally my entire downtown area is made out of expressways and a few small avenues for bus stops), and a complex highway system just to handle a city of a few hundred thousand. In real life, this kind of infrastructure is enough for an international metropolis like LA or Tokyo. I think that (as in real life), people should actually take a less direct route to work if it bypasses a traffic hotspot. Ever found in CXL that even though you built two roads going to the city centre, residents only use the closest one? Very annoying. Use your bloody heads ya stupid sims, lol.

    One thing I liked from the dev diary was the elevated road system. Looks really great, and will make realistic road systems much easier to build.

    Since the developers are the people who made cities in motion, a transport simulator, I have confidence that public transport options such as trains, metros, buses and (maybe) trams have a well thought out system.

    From the video I noticed that there only appeared to be low density residential and high density. Where's medium? I'm hoping medium density type buildings will be present in the game, even if not directly zone- able (eg some system where if demands are right medium density apartments will develop in low density or high density zones).

    enough of me talking, I can't believe I just typed so much. This was only supposed to be a few sentences long or so. Oops. Anyway, I'd like to know what you guys think! Please post your thoughts!

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