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CJ Åleborg

Capital of the Nørking Kingdom

  1. Changes of Åleborg

    I was about to finish two of my other cities but I got stuck with the details and some other stuff. So I "accidently" stumbled across this over 5 years old CJ and thought: it's a shame, I didn't add railways back then... probably I didn't use them or just was too lazy :whistle::LOL: so I had a look at the city ingame and as it didn' crash, I started re-building some parts. In this update I'd like to show you the first results with old and new pictures for comparison.

    Let's start with a...
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  2. Traffic in Åleborg

    As a major tourist destination, Åleborg faces many visitors thoughout the year. For those travelling by car, there are several parking lots in and around the historical city center... this one is right next to Åleborghus Castle:

    The biggest interchange of the country is located at Åleborg. Although this is only the crossing of two highway branches (NH11 and NH12), traffic can be really bad, as NH11 connects the country's main highway NH1with Åleborg's port area...
  3. Districts of Åleborg

    The city's highest buildings are located in the district of Kolltvik, just north of the Old Town...
    Åleborg's new University campus is situated in Ericsdal:
    View of the city from Ericsdal:
    Åleborg Ice Hall in Ericsdal:
    The old University buildings in Sværen accommodate Nørking's Maritime University today:...
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