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CJ Alexandria

Uncompleted yet, but I won't finish any soon

  1. Eslam ragab
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Planned to be more of a Mediterranean city (likely not European), cities like Alexandria, Algiers, Casablanca and even Istanbul may have a great European architecture influence in their downtowns, yet their suburbs will grow densely populated and some times unplanned as a developing nations. some of them are really developing now and more considered to be emerging economies that will make cities also have huge projects, sky scrapers and a good network of highways or expressways. (these elements may penetrate the urban texture. (That is more a philosophy of my building style)
    A brief of history, population and landmarks, I will post at the full CJ
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_323.jpg A typical suburb
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_324.jpg Another Suburb cxl_screenshot_alexandria_326.jpg Urban light industrial areas most likely workshops and small offices
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_327.jpg Suburbs overview
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_328.jpg Down town overview
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_329.jpg Municipality square cxl_screenshot_alexandria_331.jpg Royal palace, my city won't be the nation's capital yet it has its own royal palace
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_332.jpg Military memorial hospital (built in mid of WW2 remains an important medical and historical landmark)
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_333.jpg Main square, only used by trams
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_334.jpg Central station
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_336.jpg Downtown modern part for executives and offices, to the right is the WWII memorial avenue
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_337.jpg harbor, I am planning for more harbors in different locations.
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_339.jpg the state's offices and security directorate
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_341.jpg Square at the edge of downtown
    cxl_screenshot_alexandria_343.jpg Adorable bridge carrying the trams to the north


    1. cxl_screenshot_alexandria_330.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Hey mate, I will give some motivating 4 stars! I see that you have an eye for details and that you're skilled when it comes to fill irregular housing blocks, I really liked that! Maybe you can use the Middle Eastern Pack by clemech4 to build the city you envisioned :) Keep it up!