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CJ Kawashima City

Bustling Port City

  1. Six temples and shrines of Kawashima

    Scattered around in the area of Kawashima City there are six famous temples and shrines.

    Ishidera 石寺, the Rock Temple:
    This temple can be found close to Hirodani Town, north-west of Kawashima. The historic main building has been built on a sacred rock.




    At night, the temple is lit above the town:...
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  2. East of Kawashima

    As I promised: here the next update! This one is about the rural areas east of Kawashima city, dominated by Ogawa River.

    This little historic village is called Ōshima 大島村:

    It is situated along Ogawa River banks... 802.jpg

    ...and traditionally a fishing village. 803.jpg

    Further east, the town of Kamishima 神島街 has a small river port area, next to Mikawa Bridge 美川橋: 811.jpg ...
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  3. The valleys north of Kawashima

    The city of Kawashima is surrounded by lots of rural areas. Adjacent to the city there are two wide valleys: Hirodani 広谷 and Midoridani 緑谷.

    Total view of Hirodani Valley north-west of Kawashima:

    Besides the north-western suburbs of Kawashima, the town of Hirodani 広谷街 is the largest settlement. 440-2.jpg

    The town also has a noticable railway station: 440-4-1.jpg

    From the...
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  4. Kawashima City Traffic

    In this update I'd like to show you one of my best traffic networks (yes I'm proud of it :angel::LOL:). The railways are only eye candy of course, but I'd like to think that, combined with a good bus network, it should be enough for a city like this...

    Let's start with Kawashima Main Station 川島市中央駅 200-1.jpg

    When it first was built, it was not exactly in the middle of the city. The dense historic center should have remained intact, so the station was constructed just east...
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  5. Kawashima Castle and Palace Garden

    Welcome to the next update of Kawashima: the castle hill and the former palace gardens. I recommend this for background music:


    Kawashima Castle 川島城 sits on a long hill in the middle of today's city:

    The castle hill as seen from the railway station below: 400-1.jpg

    Most of the original buildings and palaces on the castle hill were lost due to fires. The remaining buildings only show a fragment of the old...
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  6. Some snapshots getting around Kawashima

    Imagine getting around in Kawashima city and taking some pictures... ;)

    The old historic city hall, built in 1896 in a western style:

    The new city hall was built, when the old one became to small for the growing population: 100-2.jpg

    Kawashima Main Railway Station on the right: 川島市中央駅 100-3.jpg

    The highest buildings of the city close to the Main Railway Station: 100-4.jpg

    Some street impressions......
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