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CJ Arenzano

An Italian Island Jewel

  1. Some overviews and stuff

    Hey folks, thought I could update this journal a bit, as I added some more details to the North-Eastern parts of the city. Also, it Shows either Pre- or Post-Corona times; and the graphics aren't perfect due to my old laptop. Anyways, enjoy and stay healthy :) There are a few new images on the main page of the journal as well ;)

    Teaser097a.jpg Teaser100a.jpg
    Teaser101a.jpg Teaser102a.jpg

    A bit of the southern inner districts:...
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  2. Medici Garden, Harbour, and Various Stuff

    The Giardino di Medici (Medici Garden)

    Teaser060a.jpg Teaser074a.jpg Teaser087a.jpg Teaser089a.jpg gamescreen0069.jpg gamescreen0068.jpg gamescreen0081.jpg


    The Harbour - for the fans of big vessels :)

    Teaser043a.jpg Teaser065a.jpg Teaser058a.jpg gamescreen0071.jpg gamescreen0062.jpg gamescreen0061.jpg ...​